You Just Ran A Marathon!!!………. Now What?

I’m having trouble figuring out my plan after marathon. The marathon was the sun around which I orbited for the last 5 months. Now I feel like I’m floating without purpose or direction. And last I checked, eating doughnuts and pasta and being lazy every day did not count as purpose and direction.

But it’s so easy to be lazy isn’t it?! It’s so easy to say “I JUST ran a marathon!” Only it isn’t “just” when it’s already been a week. Sure, I can’t run yet but I need something to work towards, even if it’s lifting weights or doing situps or just having better nutrition until I can start running again. When I don’t have a plan, things don’t go well. For instance, all my calendars stopped at the marathon. I didn’t pencil anything in after the October 26th race because it was such a big event that I couldn’t see past. And, because of that, I nearly missed a huge school assignment that was due this week! I was too busy being lazy and eating pasta for the millionth time that I didn’t realize time was flying by and I had obligations to attend to. And it’s funny because, before the marathon, I was militant about what I ate and drank. Now I’m like, Oh, is that soda?! I’ll have one! You’re not going to finish that pasta?? Let me!! It has to stop.

Today I need to find a plan that tells me what I can do and when. The Disney timer is already telling me I have 67 days til the marathon. It’s so crazy, it seems like a joke. But the fact is I can’t sit around much longer. Sure, maybe I won’t be running in the next 2 weeks, but I need to get back on some kind of plan. I was heavier than I wanted to be at MCM but I figured I’d get to my goal by WDW Marathon. Not at the rate I’m going!

fettuccini alfredo

this is the OPPOSITE of what my diet needs to be!

Preliminary goal is to run 30 miles a week minimum in the next two month’s training. I slacked so bad this summer and it showed on race day. Like I said before, some skip days were legitimate but other skip days were not. And I can’t just start taking my run diet seriously a few weeks before the race. I need to make a commitment to it the entire time. Already after a week of eating random not-so-healthy foods, I feel terrible. It’s amazing how a bad diet can make you feel sick. I wasn’t eating simple carbs OR dairy OR high fats before the race. And now every time I eat them I end up feeling sick. So why do I continue? It doesn’t make any sense except that I don’t have a plan so I’m just doing the most random things. (By the way, you don’t even want to know how much butter and cream go into homemade fettuccini alfredo… ).

Ok, time to get serious again. I don’t get a pass for a week off just because I ran a marathon (even though it has officially been a week since I flew to DC and started eating sticky buns). Time to knock it off and refocus! Time for PLANNING!

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