Three Days Left! This Is Getting Serious!

Three days left until I line up for the Marine Corps Marathon! My poor non-running friends are being made to listen ad nauseum to my race worries, my race strategies, my race plans (Plan A through G… because you can’t just have one right?), and any race day worries/strategies/plans I have only heard about from other people. I’m quite sure I have thusly enriched their lives. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

But I will try to BLOG about my run thoughts and give my friends and family a bit of a break the next couple of hours days.

My summer run team buddy just texted me and said Chicago went great. Her official finish time is a time that I have been holding in my head as my goal time all summer. So it’s interesting that she did that time and that we trained together. As in maybe I really can get that time too?? She even said she walked a couple of times to shake it out and still managed that time. All very good to know. But where she got me is she said she decided to ditch the CamelBak on race day. She said she didn’t think she needed it and ran with a belt instead, but that she utilized the water stops in a big way too. Now I’m starting to really wonder what I’m going to do.

I had planned to run with the pack for a few reasons but lately, even before talking to her, I had been questioning it. I’m still undecided. The biggest factor is that I don’t want to stop – not ever. I want to start running and find that finish line, period. I have a problem with stopping. It sucks. It’s hard to crank back up again and settle into my pace again after stopping. It makes my knees hurt when I start back up after having stopped for too long. And then in the later miles it’s a mental thing where, once I stop, I have to order myself aloud to get running again (“Start running. Start running. Start running! Now. Now. Now!“). But on the other hand, it sucks loading up a pack of water and putting it on your shoulders. The weight is just ugh. I can’t describe it better than that. It has kind of sucked in the last few runs to load that CamelBak onto my back. But the question is does it suck more than stopping and walking through water stations? Right now it’s no – 60:40.

I’m still worried about my knee too. I wonder what I will do if it acts up during the race. I guess just keep on keepin on, right? I pray it’s not at mile 4 or something.

And how cold will I be at the start? I’ll take throw-aways and wear those but I just wonder how it will be to run in that cold of weather for the whole race. On a recent trip out of town, I ran a few miles in 60 degree weather and it felt really weird on my body. I’m not used to cold dry air. I’m used to sea level and heat and humidity. I know it doesn’t sound like a big concern but I sweat the small stuff.

Ok, I think those are the big ones right now. I hope I don’t forget to pack anything. Arghhh, should I wear the belt or the CamelBak! I just don’t know. My husband, who has this way of saying equally helpful and stress-inducing things to me before big events, said that whatever I choose to do, it will be a learning experience, and I’ll know for my next marathon which way I would prefer to run. Ummm… thanks?


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