Miscelaneous Marathon Prep & Updates

No negativity here! Promise!

I’m trying to get all my stuff ready for the marathon. That means figuring out what I’ll be wearing on race day, what I’ll be carrying on me. I used yesterday’s run to try out a pair of long tights I bought for the race. They aren’t cold weather tights. They are these really thin Under Armour tights that are supposed to make you feel cooler. I got them for a projected 40-50 degree start, which is cold for me. I tried them out on the coolest day I could find down here – 84 degrees. I was barely sweating the whole run even with the long tights on.

Oiselle Stride Short w/Zip Pocket

Oiselle Stride Short w/Zip Pocket

UA Fly-By Leggins

UA Fly-By Leggins

I liked the tights a lot. They were a size down than what I started training in! It was pretty great to finally wear smaller stuff. I even bought a pair of Oiselle Stride Shorts that now fit like a glove. Before, it wasn’t pretty (and by that I mean my fat was squeezing out everywhere). I was making them my goal shorts and they fit! I think I was so busy with other stuff that I didn’t realize I had hit certain goals. Also, nothing helps with losing weight like drinking nonstop coffee and being too busy to eat. That’s not exactly the carb concentration I need the week before the race but I’m working on it.

I do have to work on the food but right now I’m trying to figure out my knee. I’m on an elimination diet with non inflammatory foods. It’s not bad. I’m pretty used rotating it into my diet every once in a while. Also I’m juicing again – beets, kale, all that stuff. I’d dance naked in the moonlight if I thought it might make my knee feel better. You have to try everything in case something does the trick.

I’ve decided to definitely use my CamelBak for the race too. And I picked out a race shirt that works best with that contraption on my back. Hey, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Although my last 18 miler when I put it on I just kept thinking, wow, this feels so heavy. I told my husband that I lost 15 lbs in training but that every time I snap on my CamelBak I load those 15 lbs back onto my body. But it does get a lot easier as you go along since you’re drinking it down and all. Regardless, the pack is coming. There are too many things I want on my own time table, especially water. And I don’t want to stop for water if I don’t have to. Stopping makes me cramp up. I did watch Chicago to see if anyone had packs since they allow them. Nope. Didn’t see any. Not to say there weren’t any but I didn’t see them. Oh well. I still want mine!

My watch is still great. My shoes are still great. I’m pretty comfortable with all the gear. I’m going to decide on capris or full tights on race day depending on the day’s temperature. They say the race starts at 8am and that seems kind of late to me so maybe it won’t feel so cold? I really don’t have a concept of weather outside of south Florida. The tights were fine in 80 degree weather here for 5 miles but it did start crossing my mind that I wish I could feel the wind on my legs instead of being wrapped like a mummy.

Can’t believe I’ll be at the expo this time next week. This is nuts. Please please please hold up one more week knee! I want to do this race so badly! All time and pace thoughts are out the window! I swear I don’t care anymore! I just want to finish and have done this. I’ll be happy with just finishing! Right now I’m focusing on gear and what I want to eat after the race and those are my happy places, my calm places. I can do this.

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