Better Late Than Never – Last Long Run Before Marathon

Nothing like a random 18 miler in the rain on a Tuesday night when you have papers due for school. And that, my friends, is how I do my training. Total randomness.

I was out of town this past weekend visiting family. There was just never a good time to slip away for 3 or 4 hours to do a 20 mile run. Plus I wasn’t familiar with the area. It’s difficult to just create a 20 mile route on the fly like that. I decided to skip the run and just spend time with my kids and family, and I don’t regret it. But as the weekend went on, I started getting panicky about missing my 20 miler. Then Monday came and I was convinced I’d crash and burn at the marathon because I didn’t do this last 20. Cut to me rushing out the door in the rain after work on Tuesday, fueled on nerves and anxiety and a lot of craziness, and totally ditching my school work in the process.

It went ok. I was pretty zoned out on anxiety about getting a long run in and proving to myself I still had it. I would have done 2 more miles but it went pitch black on me. And I have this policy about not running through alligator country in the dark. I think I knew I wasn’t going to make it so I rushed my pace, even though I told myself to slow it down because it was my long run. Nope. I set training PRs for 10k and for the half marathon. Eek. I wasn’t feeling victorious though. I felt like I screwed up. And now, two days later, I’m still sore and I KNOW I screwed up. Yep, doing things the right way is for your second marathon, apparently.

Florida State UniversitySchool is killing me. And our first exams are starting. I don’t know what my running will be like from now until the race. I’m gong to try and not run at all the last week before I travel. It won’t do me any good and I am kind of superstitious about runs the week before a big race. I guess I’ll try and get my 12 and 8 in but, again, that’s if school permits.

Back to the 18 miler… I didn’t get recovery sleep because of school. Maybe a few hours. Then the next night only a couple of hours due to an all-nighter to make assignment deadlines. With school back in session, running takes a back seat. It’s frustrating. But I’m too tired to care at this point.




3 responses to “Better Late Than Never – Last Long Run Before Marathon

  1. Wooooo! Congrats on getting 18 in. I have 20 scheduled for tomorrow, but we’ll see how close I can get to that. No matter the mileage, at least we are arriving in Taper Town now and have two weeks to rest up.


  2. I saw you did your 20, congratulations! I don’t feel like I’m in Taper Town. I feel like I’m in Slackerville where I’ve just been elected mayor for life. This has got to be why they write articles on trying to convince people that tapering is necessary and a good thing. Right now I just feel like I’m not running much and “not running” = bad. It’s all just in my head right? (I give myself 2 more days until massive pre race panic attack)


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