5 Weeks Out From Marathon And Depressed About My Progress

I’ve only been training 2x a week. Yes. Two times per week. To train for a marathon. I didn’t want to write about this before because it looks and sounds so bad but I may as well admit it now.

start line

start line

Two times a week has been the average. I have run 4x a week and 3x a week a couple of times, but I’ve also taken whole weeks off due to sickness or spouse’s out of town travel. Then, of course, there is school, which can also scrap a run at a moment’s notice (like yesterday). Or the damn Florida weather. Or my own poor judgment and laziness. For instance, yes, I skipped yesterday in order to do school work, but I thought I had plenty of time to make up my 2 mid distance runs before Sunday long run. What I didn’t know is that my coach and the team had decided to bump it to Saturday morning this week. That’s fine, except now I’m not sure I should cram my 2 runs in less than 24 hours before my first 20 miler… Stuff like that. But the point is, I haven’t been training like I should have for this marathon.

I’m jumping ahead and conducting the post-mortem right now. I just don’t see it going well on race day. I’m not giving up though! I never ever ever miss my scheduled long runs (even if I have to switch or juggle them to get them in). And I took a more challenging approach by throwing in an extra 20 miler into the training. In other words, I didn’t start out on the newbie plan but went up to intermediate. And so far I feel good. The long runs have been good. I have been finishing strong. And so far I’m injury free. That’s pretty huge. But when you read running articles that say marathoners should be running between 30-50 miles per week… yeah, that’s not me. My last 5 weeks looked like this:  13, 21, 4, 30, 17.  That’s a locker combination. That’s not a training plan.


I am really trying to rally myself at the finish here. I have 5 more weeks left to go and, even if I just do a solid 3x a week, I can pull off a 31, 26, 30, 21, and 15 to finish up the plan. I mean, that’s at least three solid mileage weeks right there, right?

Yes, I do feel some regret. But looking back at my calendar, I swear I really did try. I’m not trying to avoid blame, but weather issues (read: storms/lightning) and a spouse’s many days of out of town travel (no sitter to watch the kids while I run) contributed a lot. I’m trying to be proud in what I have accomplished though. And I’m trying to hold on to positive thoughts for race day. But it’s hard not to be disappointed. I didn’t see my training having gone this way. But I’m thankful it has gone as well as it has too. Positive thoughts! A slower, but completed, marathon is not the end of the world! You can only go up from there! And thanks to the spouse, I’ll have another chance within this same race season! It’s all a learning experience. Next time I train, I will do it from a wiser place, as a veteran marathoner. And I will be building on the solid base that is already here now.

It’s going to be fine. I want to have fun on race day. I want to take in the Capital and the faces of my family along the course. I want to run through my old neighborhoods and remember how far I’ve come since then (two wonderful children!). And I want to acknowledge my hard work the last 5-6 months because, even if it wasn’t perfect, I still set a new goals for myself and I have achieved them – I’m training for a marathon! I’ve run 19 miles! I never thought I’d do this ever and I have.

I’m gonna go out and have fun October 26th and run with the Marines and run with my old co-pilot and be a proud participant of The People’s Marathon and then celebrate!


**I reserve the right to have at least 3 more panic attacks about this marathon before Oct 26.

Z Pizza

Z Pizza!

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sticky buns!

3 responses to “5 Weeks Out From Marathon And Depressed About My Progress

  1. I am in the same boat you are. I was scheduled for a 15 miler last weekend but was out of town, grad school is in the way of my entire life, and homecoming is this weekend so I’m playing social media guru for my university. I have yet to hit my 20-miler. on my schedule (that’ll be two weeks out). I think we will be fiiiiiiine! As long as we Beat the Bridge, we’ll be golden 😀


  2. Exactly! We beat the bridge and we’re golden! And yes, juggling school and long runs and everything else is so difficult. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually post on how to do all of those successfully. In the meantime, I’m pretty much just “beating the bridge” on everything I do.

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