I’M GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!! ….. To Run A Surprise Marathon

I just got a surprise entry into the Walt Disney World Marathon yesterday! My husband surprised me with the entry as an early birthday gift. I was and am in total shock. I’m talking jaw dropped speechless for like 30 minutes while I tried to wrap my brain around it. But I’m also so excited!!

Disney 2015

Disney Marathon

To those of you who have never run or tried to run a Disney race, these things come open and sell out within minutes or days (as in 2 days). So this WDW Marathon has long been sold out. But they reopened it recently after airing an Extreme Weight Loss show episode where a father-daughter team ran the Disney Marathon together. Apparently the interest generated was so great that Disney decided to reopen registration and let a few more people into the race under a Goofy Giveback. Crazy! I still can’t believe it! I haven’t seen the episode but of course now I have to! Actually, I tried to find it online last night after I got this surprise entry but, after just watching the show’s preamble, I was kind of sickened. A bunch of angry fat people yelling at a trainer who is trying to help them?? Is that what shows are all about these days? Maybe I can fast forward to the part where they run the race.

Disney Marathon

Disney Race Blog

Anyway, it’s unbelievable! I had always planned to run the WDW Marathon at one point in my life, but sure as hell didn’t expect it to happen in mere months out of the blue, OR only 11 weeks after my first return marathon! Also, in this dream scenario, I was running the HALF marathon. I’ve only just signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon! Which I haven’t even run yet! I’m freaking out about THAT one still! When I explained this to my husband, his response was “Well you’re already going to be at that mileage then right? You’ll already be trained for a marathon so I figured you wanted to do the marathon instead of the half!” …. uhhhh that’s a huge leap in assumption buddy. Cuz in MY mind I was going to run Marine Corps and then spend the holidays up to my arse in candy corn, pumpkin beer and cream cheese pastries, not so much running. I figured I’d start running again right before Miami Half… which I then realized is only 2 weeks after WDW Marathon!

But that’s not all…. I had secretly signed up for Naples Half as well! And Naples is the week before Miami! Do you see what I’m getting at here???? I’m now running Disney Marathon the weekend of the 11th, then Naples the weekend of the 18th, then Miami the weekend of the 25th…….. I don’t even know what to say. I did, however, call my race buddy who is doing Miami with me and told her, “Uh yeah, NOT going to PR on the Miami half this year… and let me tell you why…”

Holy shit. Like I said, total shock. The more I started looking into Disney, the more I realized I need to STOP looking into Disney and get back to Marine Corps! That race is in, what, 38 days?! That’s my first priority. And, as I told my MCM race buddy (the same race buddy for Miami), Disney allows you to have up to a 16 min mile pace. I’m hoping to run MCM way faster than that but my point is that, even if I’m broken afterwards, I can still get through Disney, crawling if I have to. I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

But I’m excited! It was a wonderful gift! And the biggest surprise ever! It’s also a wonderful post-holiday mini vacation to Disney with the kids. They give discounted park tickets for race participants to basically half off. It will be a fun and crazy day!

Goofy Giveback

Goofy Giveback

By the way, registration is still open but it’s 90% full. If you want it, you’ve gotta hurry! Entries are available for the half, full, and the Goofy Challenge I believe (doing the half and full back to back).

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