14 Mile Not-Quite-Tempo Run

Warning:  This post is probably going to be as boring as the run was. Just sayin. These mid distance runs during marathon training are just… there.

Ran by myself this time. I wanted to see where my pace was. Turns out it wasn’t as strong as I’d like, but ok for going at what I feel like is my current leisurely pace. In other words, not race pace, but not the slow pace we’re supposed to run on 20’s.

It was mild but humid, only more so. When you get up early to run, the humidity is out of control. Temps this morning were 78 with a “feels like 84” and 89% humidity. You just feel like you’re running through water. You’re drenched after the first couple steps. I took these double salt GU Chomps with me and my CamelBak was filled to the brim. And yet I was still out of water before I stopped. You just can’t get enough water down here ever. But in those moments, I know race day will feel amazing in comparison.

Everything else went ok. Just one of those runs. Nothing great. Nothing terrible. Maintenance. I really want to get to the point where 14 miles is a fast easy run for me. But right now it’s still slow going. And the annoying part is that I hear Meb in my head saying “You gotta lose weight and then you’ll really be fast.” I’ve heard of him giving this advice to other runners and is really focused on it himself. And then Shalane Flanagan recently talked about having to stay really light to ensure her speed. Point is that I need to focus on the other component to running and that’s the weight. Yes, I have lost some and that’s great. But some is not all. I have to focus on weekly weight loss goals to ensure I get to race day at my fighting weight. It suuuucks. It’s so hard to figure out how much you need to power your runs vs how much you need to cut to drop weight.

Anyway, that’s where I am. Next weekend 20 miles. Still not sure where I’m going to run it. Urban run that allows me to start at 530am and beat some of the heat or more rural run that can only start at 630am because of light and wildlife issues (read: alligators, panthers, etc)? Decisions decisions. All in the day-to-day of training for a marathon, but nothing that any of your non-running friends ever want to sit and listen to you discuss. They’re like “Blah blah blah, you ran today. I got it.”

Just imagine running here, but without the built path. One of these days I’ll actually get pictures. But imagine dark, damp swamp where you chew the air and sweat buckets. It’s either that or the concrete jungle of soflo. Either way, always hot and humid.

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