Skipping A Run – When Stupid Grad School Gets In The Way

I skipped today’s run because I have school work to do tonight. It happens. Only it happens a lot. It also makes me mad a lot.

In an ideal world, I’d be a millionaire and could just spend time with my family and run. But real life is the juggling act of trying to fit in a run when you have a million other things to do. And that house of cards can crumble with any sickness (yours or the kids’) or spouse traveling for work or stupid school assignment that you suddenly realize is going to take you days and hours upon hours to complete.

Obviously I am just having a difficult time figuring out how to go into fall semester and keep up with the marathon training. I’ve only ever trained for a half marathon while in the middle of a semester… and by “train” I mean I occasionally did a single long run once a week and then showed up for race day. There’s just too much work with two young kids and the amount of school work every night. But, yeah, with half marathon training it was easy. I didn’t mind blowing off a run for school because I always knew I could wing a half marathon if I needed to. Yes, my times were awful, but I got the medal and had something to show for a period of 4 months besides a stack of written papers.


Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now. Not running. Studying all night long. Chugging coffee all day long. ZERO miles this week. 5:30 marathon, here I come… if I’m lucky.


Oh looky here, already Thursday (technically) and zero runs logged AGAIN. In my defense, I was sore from a sort of 14 mile tempo run on Sunday. But the fact is, I didn’t run today because of school. When is this damn marathon already?! I need to take something off the table and it can’t be school! Ran into my coach today at run store. He asked if I’ve been doing my mid week runs. Why did he ask me that? It’s almost like he assumes I’m not! How dare he! Of course I answered honestly and… asked him how his recent race went this weekend. Ugh.

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