I’m Sooooooo Sore – The 24 Hour Feedback

What happened? Twenty-four hours after what I thought had been a fairly easy run and I feel like I’ve been beaten up. I’m crazy sore. I’m so sore that even laying in bed hurts.

Mainly my quads and my back are sore. I tweaked my back last week a bit when I was trying to incorporate pushups into my training plan (bad idea). The back spasms went away and I thought it was over. Then at mile 17 my lower back started to really feel tense and painful. I’m just thankful the first 17 miles weren’t painful

After my back started hurting, I figured I’d quicken my pace to finish as soon as possible so that I could get to resting. But that’s probably what hurt my quads. I dropped about 2 minutes per mile off my pace in the last two miles. At the time it sounded like a good idea. Right now… not so much.

And speaking of resting… I didn’t. The kids didn’t get the post-19-sleep-in memo. Something tells me five hours of sleep isn’t optimal recovery sleep. Something also tells me Tuesday’s run is not happening. Wednesday is looking iffy as well.

Also last week I ran 30 miles. I haven’t run 30 miles in forever. It’s been my goal for so long. I figured if I could get to 30 miles per week I could call myself a serious runner again. But here I am at 30 miles and, despite the pain I’m in, I just want to run more. Maybe just not all on the same day. But the mileage might have also contributed to the shape I’m in. And worst of all, I can’t even take Motrin because I read it interferes with the gains you get from your muscles being broken down and self-repairing after a tough workout.

And as always… my favorite demotivational poster…


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