Wow. I Just Ran 19 Miles.

What a day. It’s not every day you run 19 miles is it? This would be, let me see…. the ONLY time I’ve ever run 19 miles! Pretty frickin exciting.

It was a great day! I’m happy and I feel great. I got my post-long-run coke which was heaven as always. I live for those full-sugar sodas after my runs, even though the group tries to tell me soda fun facts that are supposed to make me disgusted. Sorry people! It’s not going to work! Every other day is for kale and almond milk. Long run days are for sugary, wonderful soda! Just one, after a long run, never gonna quit!

I’ve got to credit running with a run group for how effortless this felt. If you are marathon training on your own, major kudos to you because it’s difficult to be with your own thoughts (or a playlist or even streaming music) for that long. It’s a ridiculously long time to be out there running and running and running. And you have to have a great run route too, which we do. Though this morning I was lamenting to the group that I could use a run up north with the scent of fall in the air and cool weather instead of all these damn palm trees and the lingering summer heat. (for the record, no one else agreed… they love it down here)

But that is pretty ungrateful and, as it turns out, premature for me to say because the weather was fantastic! When we started at 530am it was 76 degrees with a “feels like” of 82 degrees. It was practically freezing for down here! Each of us must have mentioned it 10 times. What a treat it was. Yes, we were all still sweating but it was incredibly pleasant when most other mornings were easily near 90 or beyond.  We all said if it was that “cool” on race day we’d all PR. The funny thing is that, on race day in Chicago and DC, it’s generally 30 degrees cooler than that if not more. Whoa. What are we going to do with that? Can you see your breath in that weather?

The last long run I did was 17 miles. Then I skipped my drop down run of 13 miles the following weekend (don’t ask). So this was the first long run in a while but I felt fresh for it. And it wasn’t until after 17.5 miles that my body was asking me to please consider taking an extended break. I think another GU might have helped but they were turning my stomach so I stopped after taking my 2nd one by mile 10. I was achy and my lower back was feeling tense. What a weird place to hurt in a 19 mile run. A couple other things hurt too but nothing too big. Oh, and I was 7 lbs down this week from my last long run 2 weeks ago! Progress! I could feel and see the difference. Racing weight plan is going well.

My only complaint was that the group was running very conservative in their pace… maybe too conservative. I felt we were going incredibly slow at times, but I was too thankful to have the group for the mental aspect of it. And I wasn’t sure if it was a help or hindrance to my run. Maybe I would have gone out too fast and crashed and burned? But it did feel like the arch pain I was experiencing was a result of the slower pace. I kind of think I’m going to have to go my own pace next time but it was good to do a group run this time to ensure I took it easy, even if it was too easy. I’ve got two 20’s left to go and I can try out pace changes then. Hopefully I will have my music situated by then (I’m having technical issues right now in the form of broken equipment).

Next weekend is a drop and then my first 20. Wish me luck! I’m feeling strong and it’s making me feel pretty confident for Marine Corps.

snowy palms

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