Treadmill Saves The Day

Nineteen weeks into training and I finally got on a treadmill. I was tired of the heat. Tired of the storms. Tired of missing runs. And all of that was enough for me to risk any injury or boredom on a treadmill.

Also, I am tired of all the gear I have to take on runs in the Florida heat and all the prep work. Water belts. Sunblock. Phone armband. Salt. Electrolytes. Sunglasses. Watch. ID band. It’s too much! On the treadmill I just grabbed my iPod shuffle and that was it. I had a water bottle set on the treadmill but it wasn’t a big deal when you’re running in 75 degree air condition! To all you runners already running in 70 degree weather….. your time is numbered. Winter is coming! On no, my race buddy will love that. Hey, I don’t watch GoT but I hear about it from everyone else. Point is, you guys are gonna get freezing cold soon so enjoy your couple of months of 70 degree weather!


Since I have a 19 miler scheduled this weekend, I only ran 6 on the treadmill. The damn thing kept shutting off for some reason. I’d run 1.5 miles and then the belt would stop. Then I’d run 25 minutes more and it would stop again. I had to keep restarting the belt and add up all the miles I was running until I got to 6. None of this even bothered me much because at this point I’ll take ANY run as long as it happens!

Then, as I was running, the Florida afternoon storm clouds rolled in. It’s the rainy season after all. I could hear the thunder and see the lightning. It was great not to scrap another run because of all that. Still, I didn’t feel amazing as my arches and knees felt slightly pained. I don’t know why. But it didn’t matter. I’m not making treadmills a habit. I just needed to get a run in on schedule for once.

Today I’m going to try to make run team even though I only have a 5 miler. It better not storm. I’m not keen on getting back on the treadmill because I do think it changes my gait no matter how much I try to maintain outdoor posture. But I’m going to do whatever I have to do. Only 8 weeks left til the race. I have to get the runs in.

Oh and speaking of… why does my blog calendar countdown say “1 Month Til Marine Marathon!” ?? It’s not one month! Is this calendar trying to give me a heart attack?! It’s 8 weeks! That’s practically 2 months! Ok, yes, it’s also 51 days which, yes, does seem kind of like 1 month away. Argh! I can’t believe how much training I still have to do! It seems like I’m behind. I have a 19 miler and two 20 milers left. I know I have built my training exactly like I was supposed to but it does seem weird to have so much building in the last “month” before the actual race.



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