School Starting – Running, You Just Got Bumped

Arghhhh!!! School is starting again! My school I mean. Not my kids. They’re still wee little babes. But now is the time of year when late night papers and all week exams start. Now is the time when there seems to be nothing else on this Earth besides my computer and textbooks and the requirements of my professors. But what about my running?!!

The PLAN was to get all my marathon training started EARLY in the year so that I could solidly have a 20 miler under my belt before class started. Pfft! Like that happened. Remember, I was having motivational challenges early this year so I delayed. In large part due to the burnout of spring semester. I just wanted to sit and do nothing. Well here I am now and that delay is costing me. Now I have to do significant build weeks right smack in the middle of the first few weeks of class. This is not going to be good. I’m freakin out, not gonna lie.

It’s so hard to do marathon training in the best of times. I know loads of people without kids and without going to grad school who say they can’t even do daily regular running because they “don’t have the time.” I used to find it challenging to find time for a 1 hour run mid week when I was in that category myself. But really, in hindsight, I just meant it was hard to fit it in because I felt tired from the 9-5 grind. Now, there is no 9-5. It’s more like 6am-2am on the regular.

Ok, none of that matters. I committed to the marathon, knowing full well my scheduling issues. Yes, I get 3-5 hours less sleep than anyone else on my run team, but that’s life with toddlers and grad school. No pain, no gain! A lot of runners have that handful of things preventing them from doing better on their runs or preventing their runs from being a lot easier. I guess we all just have to accept those as our running handicaps and try to not let it bring us down.

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