They Can’t All Be Gold – A Long Run Bummer

I’m glad I did the run. Mostly. Meaning I mostly did the run. Not I’m mostly glad. I ran 12.5 out of 13. Whatever. I’m rounding up to “13 ish.” It was brutal.

I went to bed at 1230am and was up at 350am due to my internal alarm clock. Doesn’t matter. Alarm was set for 415am anyway. Out of town visitors + busy weekend led to kids getting sick, which led to ME getting sick. I missed all my mid week runs because I was so sick. I didn’t figure I’d get the weekend run in either. But at the last minute I decided to try for it. That had a lot to do with a Saturday night text from run team members making sure I’d be there at 5am (across town). *sigh*Yesssss… I’ll be there.” But since I was sick, I couldn’t sleep.

Turns out the biggest success I had today was just showing up at 5. It went downhill from there.

Shoes sucked. More on that later. My form was sloppy. I kept knocking my ankles with my own feet. They’re pretty sore even now. Then, 5 miles in, I flailed my arm to get a cobweb off and it triggered a back muscle spasm. This did not go away for another 5 miles. I didn’t stop running though. Because it’s not like you have a car that comes swooping in to pick you up and take you back. We were already 5-6 miles away from our cars. The only way back is to run back.

Ok maybe it wasn’t my biggest disaster run. It just sucked a lot compared to the last few runs. I was tired. I was sick. I stopped at 12.5. I just didn’t care. The way I saw it (and still see it), I did 12.5 more miles than I thought I would today.

Later went out to try on new run shoes but my whole body was rejecting the process. Kept cramping in every muscle all over, from my feet to my neck. See? Even recovery sucked. I really did think I had a lot of water and electrolytes. I guess I am also failing at Sunday Long Run nutrition too. I can never figure out if I eat too much or too little. Drink too much water or too little? Eat too much protein or too little? I give up (…until next Sunday).

Does everyone have a crappy run like this every few runs? I hope I’m not the only one looking at a 60-75% success rate on marathon training runs. It seems like all I read is about how everyone else is killin in on their runs.

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