Time Again For The Vegan Challenge!!

Yes folks, it’s time again for the vegan challenge. After a wonderful weekend with out of town family, the scale didn’t look too wonderful. Even with 15 miles loaded in there, the pounds crept up. Those pounds that I have been working so hard to get off my body in time for the marathon have come back on. Time to get them off, lest I have to drag them with me 26 miles through the Capitol.

As I’ve said before, it’s not that I think dairy and meat are the devil. Just like high fructose corn syrup isn’t the devil… unless you’re addicted to soda. In my case, I don’t splash milk in my coffee or eat fat free yogurt for lunch. I plow into brie with abandon. I don’t eat lean turkey with a side of steamed broccoli. I eat fried wontons stuffed with meat and sausage (and cheese). When I go vegan, I don’t eat any of that junk. It helps me focus on whole foods, vegetables, grains and legumes. I need a big shift. The marathon is 10 weeks away and I’m only down 5 lbs. It’s a good start but when you’re aiming for your old fighting weight of X-20, five is just not enough.

My race buddy, a long-time vegetarian and part-time vegan, will naturally be doing the challenge with me. She said we should do it until race day. I said 21 days. But after my vanilla soy cappuccino this morning, I told her, hey, I can do this! I’ll just drink these all day every day instead of eating meat! I would like to try and go until race day. I just have to work at getting all my nutrients this time. I’m one of those vegan challengers who will eat dairy-free chips and movie popcorn (made w/coconut oil) for 21 days to satisfy my vegan-ism. Of course my body is dying for nutrients then and I go running back to a cheeseburger and call it my savior.

Hey, as I told my race buddy, my staples are already soy coffees, oat cereal and Picky Bars. Those are all vegan right there. It won’t be a huge adjustment. I just have to stay focused. The fact is that the weight has to come off. Inches have already been coming off but not so much the weight. And it’s not a mystery. It’s the brie and baguettes.

Ok, here goes nuthin! Who’s with me?! Hey, aren’t all the ultra marathoners vegan? Let me tell you, every time I go to a more vegan based diet, I feel amazing. I feel so amazing that I think, hey, I can go back to the old junk and be fine now because I feel amazing, which is always wrong.



I’m on my 3rd day. It’s been easy for me since I’ve already made many substitutions before now. The only part that I have had to work for is making better food choices. For example, a banana is better than vegan corn chips for a snack. I need to stick to whole foods. But still, I already can see I’m getting way more nutrients in my diet than before I started. I need to commit to referencing more cookbooks and websites for info and inspiration.


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