12 Weeks Into Marathon Training And It CLICKS!

Wow, has it really been 12 weeks? I feel like I just started this. That’s the power of blocking out the bad stuff folks! But, yes, this is my 12th week of marathon training and this has been the BEST WEEK EVER!

It started with the 14 miler last weekend. I was nervous but it went so well. That run inspired me to commit to my 4x a week training calendar. Before this week, I think I was averaging 2-3 runs a week. Yeah. I was slacking. But my legs did hurt and were cramping and I felt I couldn’t handle the mileage total. In retrospect, the mileage thing was probably just mental. And the leg cramps were because of a lack of salt and electrolytes, as I found out through trial and error. I guess that means that it took a huge learning curve for me to figure it all out. That’s ok because I figured it all out before I made the jump from half marathon training to full marathon training!

This week I had a 40 minute run and 7 mile run, both of which went great! It surprised me to see how effortless 7 miles now felt. I remember when 7 miles was the long run I dreaded at the end of the week. Now it’s a nothing run. It’s small potatoes. I have a 4 mile and 15 mile left, but I’m not dreading them like I did before. I’m excited to check off each run. Most of all I’m excited to see “30 miles!” as my weekly total! Hey, if you look at my 8 day total it’s 44 miles! I haven’t run those weekly totals since high school cross country.

Ok… I’ll say it… I’m proud of myself. It took a lot of mental strength to get here. On week 1, I didn’t want to leave the house. I sure as hell didn’t want to run. And I wanted to run on a team least of all! But my race buddy guilted, threatened, and shamed me into it  lovingly, delicately, and respectfully encouraged me into reconsidering my previous views (*please see full transcript below*). She’s a wicked wonderful person like that but I’m thankful just the same and if it wasn’t for her Bob Harper-esq zen-like encouragement, I wouldn’t be blogging about 30 mile weeks today. I’m thankful for my wicked pushy friend the 2nd love of my life and my reason for living (and running). And I’m thankful to have found a good crew to run with down here in soflo. It has made the difference in me doing my long run and me blowing it off, for sure.

Yeah yeah, this is a gushy love letter to running. I can’t help it! Things are finally clicking and it feels amazing! I’m not saying I will feel like running every single day from here on out. I’m just saying that it’s f—ing amazing when hard work pays off! Now if I can keep the spouse from bringing home baguettes and cheese and wine… Yes, it sounds romantic and it is! But after a 7 mile tempo run, trust me, it’s a bad idea. Love you babe but my body is turning into a machine that only runs on premium! HAHAHA!! (no, but seriously)


**Upon Demand Request, Transcript of Conversation with Race Buddy on Why I Hadn’t Started Marathon Training:

Me:  Hey, what’s up? How’s it going?

Friend:  What is WRONG? Why aren’t you running? You HAVE to start your training now! YOU’RE the one who wanted to run this marathon! YOU made ME sign up!!

Me:  I know. I know. It’s just… I’m tired. I can’t get into it. I’m up all night writing papers. The kids… It’s just too tough. I can’t wrap my mind around it right now. I just don’t know what to do about it really. So tired.

Friend:  Join a run team! Just get out there! You will feel better once you start! Come on, you can’t blow this off. This is the MARATHON. There isn’t that much time until the race. Look, just sign up with a local team and go.

Me:  I hate run teams! I hate Florida! I hate everyone IN Florida! There ARE no runners in Florida! Everyone is over 75 here! I don’t want to go. Plus it’s too hot. Plus I don’t have time. Plus it costs money. Plus I hate running. Plus the sky is blue.

Friend:  No. You WILL run. You will start now. And we are going to finish what we started when we signed up for the marathon.

Me:  Ok ok. I will. I promise. I’ll get out there. I’ll sign up for a team. I will. I promise. (*fingers crossed*)

I really was just telling her anything to get her off my back. I had no intention on going. In my head I gave myself permission to blow off at least another 2 weeks. But my friend is the greatest. She wasn’t pushy or mean and is NEVER wicked. But she WAS firm and no-nonsense and, against everything in me, I took her advice and joined a team. And it was and has been the best decision. Thannnnnnk youuuuuu co-pilot!! :p

3 responses to “12 Weeks Into Marathon Training And It CLICKS!

  1. Wow, this is so encouraging to read – I’m just getting started with training and I am looking forward to the day when it all clicks! Good luck as you continue training!


    • Thanks! I’m still worried that in voicing it out loud I’ve jinxed myself. I just think we should celebrate the days when all this work feels good! Good luck to you too!


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