90 Days Out From Marathon… Time To Crash And Burn

Burnout:  an emotional condition marked by tiredness, loss of interest, or frustration that interferes with performance. So says The Free Dictionary. So says me.

The really funny part is that my race buddy got hit with burnout on the same day I did. It started with radio silence on a Sunday morning, when usually my race buddy and I would be dissecting our runs via text around 8am and on the phone by 9am. Instead, I was still in bed. The spouse stepped up and let me sleep in for the first time in 3 weeks after it was apparent I was still in bed when I should have been 7 miles away from home on my way back in.

It was a conscious decision on my part to skip my long run. I didn’t regret it one bit. I just flat out didn’t feel like going. It wasn’t to do with the actual mileage either (14 miles). It was because I was tired of suiting up. Tired of getting the iPhone ready. Tired of getting on sunblock. Tired of catching the satellite. I was just tired of everything. Instead I hung out with the family for the first time in weeks on a Sunday. Later that night I heard from my race buddy – she had skipped her long run too – a first for her. I was so relieved. I hadn’t even thought about whether she had or hadn’t run. I just assumed she had, if I even gave it much thought at all. I was in burnout mode. I wasn’t thinking about my run, let alone anyone else’s run!

We ended up talking about this anomaly and came up with the burnout diagnosis. What else could it be? We both have a lot of outside obligations and stresses. Doesn’t everybody, eh? But it knocked us back this week. And I don’t really feel bad about it. My race buddy ended up making up her 18 mile run. I, on the other hand, did not. Hey, some burnouts are worse than others. I still don’t feel bad.

But I’m going to get myself together here. One thing I needed to tackle was my run calendar. It looks a mess! It ended up looking so crazy and scratched up and scratched out that I had to scrap it. I don’t even enjoy looking at it anymore. And maybe that was part of the problem. I cleaned it up and reprojected certain runs. The spouse’s schedule was conflicting with build days, for example, so those needed to be adjusted. I used this week as my “drop down week” instead of next week. This simple shift made a couple of future runs more feasible. That’s a good thing right?! See, it was meant to be!

I think I needed to crash and burn a bit. I needed to change my approach to this marathon. I need to stop skipping runs and being so arrogant about my training plan. I need to shape up and get serious about this. I was half assing the thing again. I started slacking. This was all a wake up call. And I’m glad for it. I’m glad it came 90 days out instead of 60 days out. There’s still time to change. So here goes nuthin. I needed a break and I forgive myself. But the slate is clean. I am now on the 90 day marathon program. And every week is its own victory.


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