When All Else Fails, Try Electrolyte Replenishment!

How many times do you have to wake up feeling hungover before you decide to give electrolyte replenishment a try? Answer: 8

Hey, just kidding. I wasn’t hungover. Not even close. I was hydrating all day long, no alcohol, and trying to eat right. What else do you have to do? If it’s hot outside when you run, drink water. Rehydrate throughout the day. And don’t drink alcohol. Ok. Got it. Check, check, check. But then why am I waking up with a splitting headache and why do my legs cramp up on my runs?! I’m supposed to be hydrated damnit!!

The answer may be electrolytes. I’m in the process of testing this out right now. After my race buddy said her UVA coach said everyone should drink X amount of electrolytes every single day, I started to consider it. Then my run team people said that drinking a lot of water flushed out electrolytes so we all needed to compensate with additional electrolytes. Then I saw Kara Goucher promoting Nuun for electrolytes. It all got me thinking. And sometime around the 8th random headache and maybe the 6th major leg cramp, I decided to give it a try. The first day in my new electrolyte replenishment routine – I felt great! I felt normal, finally, and not crappy. So of course I went right out and…. stopped drinking electrolytes.

What can I say – I was a skeptic. I thought, no, I just had a good day finally. And the last thing I wanted was yet another thing to have to do special because of my running. But today is Day #3 in trying my new electrolyte routine and I’m feeling good. The G2 and the Nuun are working, it seems. It’s so hot and humid here in south Florida and my distances are getting too long to be able to wing it like I used to with hydration. If the cramps and headaches continue to disappear, well then call me a believer.

So far these have been my go-to’s

Nuun - Lemonade

Nuun – Lemonade












G2 - Raspberry Lemonade

G2 – Raspberry Lemonade

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