And Now… To Deal With The Playlist

I think there comes a time in every marathoner-in-training’s life when he says … “Arghh! I hate this #&^%! playlist!!!” That time for me is now.

I’ve pretty much been listening to a lot of Sia and Hozier and Killers, lots of remixes and movie soundtracks, stuff like that. My friends and better half have already jumped ship to audio books or have just ditched the music altogether. It may be time for the occasional audio book, but I’m definitely not going to run without anything at all. Not without a group of runners talking my ear off the entire time, and even then I’d take the playlist just in case.

I’ve used audio books in the past but chose, for lack of a better term, funny books. I ended up laughing like a lunatic on these runs and people in their cars would stare at me. I guess funny books are for trail running? Outside of those, I’m not sure what to get. You think you’d like a particular book while you’re running, only to get out there and realize you hate it.

Another option is to check out different options on Sirius. Right now I listen to Electric Area and BPM. It’s the only place to find peace on a run. But if you put it on Sirius XM Hits, you end up listening to slow Bruno Mars songs or Justin Bieber and you are then forced to stop your run so that you can get into your Sirius and manually change up the station. I suppose I could listen to Alt Nation in the mornings for long runs, but there is slow music to ease your long run pace and there is Alt Nation. It’s just too far down. What’s left? The news? Howard Stern? I think you have to mix Sirius up with other stuff.

Lastly, I could tweak the playlist. Maybe there are some oldies but goodies in my library that I’d like to hear again. Problem is, when you’ve entered a song into your running rotation at any point in your life, that song can never be reused for a playlist. That seems to be the law of the playlist. It doesn’t matter if I last used the song 8 years ago when I was training for the Army 10 Miler. If I hear it on my playlist now, I’ll practically break my foot trying to change the song on my iPod as soon as possible.

Along with the fact that I have no more run gel for my 11 miler tomorrow, this playlist problem is right up there in the “NEED TO FIGURE OUT ASAP” category. A good playlist is as essential as having water on a run. Maybe even more so because, hell, I could stop at the beach for some water if I got really desperate. I can’t stop anywhere for a playlist!

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