A Pretty Good Run Week

It finally happened. I had a good run week. No, things weren’t exactly according to the training plan, but it has been damn close and that’s as good as gold for me.

I dropped back on last week’s long run to better accommodate this week’s schedule. But, in order to do that, I had to make that run on Monday, thereby pushing into this training week. As it stands right now, I have a 7-4-5 already in the bank and a 10 miler scheduled for Sunday. I nixed the 3 miler I’m supposed to run today because, well, 26 miles in a given week is a lot for me. I’ve been around 12-18 in any given week the last month and now, what with adhering more to schedule and just getting deeper into the marathon training, it is already going to be a lot to add that many more miles per week. I don’t think 29 miles would be terrific for easing into it and keeping my hamstring injury at bay.

But all in all, I’m happy. I feel good. I’ve lost weight and I’m not even trying. That sounds obnoxious but it’s true. Hey, at least I get something out of going out there 4 days a week. It’s not easy you know! It seems everywhere I turn these days I’m reading an article from someone saying what a big commitment marathon training is. Keep it coming people! I never get tired of hearing people say that. Because it IS a big commitment. And with every time I hear someone say it, I feel a lot less like I’m just whining about how hard it is and that it is actually fact.

Also, yesterday, I had as near to a perfect running experience one can have in south Florida in the summer. In the distance it looked like textbook lightning clouds. But the radar said it was staying over there. I decided to run. Because, as I always say, if you wait for a non-storm cloud coverage in the afternoons in Florida in the summertime, you’re going to be waiting forever. Last year I didn’t run if it looked like that and spent many days regretting lost runs only to see a storm that never came. But that was last year when I didn’t have a marathon on the books! It didn’t storm yesterday and the weather was cool and breezy. It was great. You have to appreciate those when you can get them.

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