Some Call It Failure, I Call It Flexible!

…. just kidding, I call it failure too.

Long run this weekend? Nope. I could blame a lot of things, but mainly I just didn’t go. Course I wasn’t sitting around all weekend grilling burgers and drinking Corona on a boat. I was caring for 2 sick children while my better half was away for work all weekend. By the time the spouse got in late Sunday night, sure, I could have jumped out the door and squeezed in that long run right before (or after) sundown, but I didn’t. I was beat. I couldn’t muster it. I had nothing left after a weekend with sick children who didn’t sleep at all.

But! Ever optimistic! I set the alarm for an early morning run. I’ll do that damned long run, not tonight but Monday morning! No problem. I’ll just push the next week’s runs up a day. Not ideal but doable. 6am on Monday is practically like 6pm on Sunday, which is close to 6am on Sunday, which is when I normally do my runs anyway! Yes yes, everything is still ok.

Cue the rain. No, cue the MASSIVE THUNDER AND LIGHTNING STORM. The thunder woke me up before my alarm did. Maybe it would clear, right? Nope. Not a chance. It has been raining all day. And not this rain that my friends up north tell me they “run through all the time” like it’s some wonderful child-like experience jumping in puddles. No, in Florida, you don’t go out in the rain. Because rain means thunder and lightning. And like Runner’s World helpfully reminded me, lightning kills. Look, I’m not trying to die on a miserable run in the rain. If I die by accident, I’d hope it was going down in a plane crash after two weeks in Munich at Oktoberfest. But I digress… point is, run didn’t happen. And now I have to amend the training plan… again.

I decided to make last week my drop down week – the week I cut back on mileage rather than build. I was scheduled to do 9 or 10 this past weekend and then drop to 6 next weekend. I’m going to flip these. And either I run 6 today or don’t run at all and just go into the week according to schedule. I’m waiting on the rain to make that call. If I can get in 6 today, I will. I may take off one run this week to accommodate a Monday 6. Otherwise it would put me close to 30 miles this week total and that’s too big of a jump.

It’s not lost on me that I just vowed on one of my last posts that I was going to be more of a devotee to my training plan and then mere hours later I’m ditching it on account of rain. Perfection is overrated. Following the rules – overrated. Flexibility reigns supreme here. It has to.

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