The Long Run Day – Cup Half Empty Version

You hate it. You love it. You dread it. You look forward to it. You bitch about it to anyone who is unfortunate enough to to run into you.

I’m trying to tell myself that it’s not harder for me than it is for everyone else out there. Everyone has stuff that makes getting in that long run feel difficult or challenging. That’s why training for a marathon is so damn hard (yes, this is a recurrent theme in my posts of late). Sometimes people have injuries, or sicknesses, or are single parents, or whose spouses are deployed, or don’t have childcare help, or have to work a ton, or live in places where it’s hard to get out and run because of weather or safety issues. On the flip side… the side I seem a little too fixated on lately… you’ve got people who always have weekends off, have huge support systems to help watch their kids, lots of spare time, who aren’t working and going to school full-time, who have millions of dollars and live on yachts with their personal run coaches … those people get their runs in no problem. And today I hate those people.

But it’s not jealousy. Not really. Because I also love the things in my life that make it hard for me to get out and do my long runs. But what I don’t love is how hard it feels to achieve the same gains in running as it did when I was one of those people with lots of time/money/space/ability to go off and run double digit runs with little or no negative impact on my life. Some people would say that working harder for it makes the victory taste sweeter. Sorry folks. I’m not there. It just feels harder. That’s it. Nobody greets you at the finish line and says “Nice 10 minute miles out there! Wow! With your situation, 10 minute miles are actually 7 minute miles! Good on you!”

But at the end of the day, I’m able to run. That’s the most important thing. That’s HUGE. I know that. I don’t want to seem ungrateful. But I think it’s human nature to want more, better, easier. That’s what we’re all presumably working towards – a life where things are easier… things like running 10 miles on a Sunday.


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