The 2014-2015 Race Season – It’s All About The $$$

There are so many races I’d sign up for right now and just jam pack the 2014-2015 race season, if I had a thousand dollars to throw at a run season. And make no mistake. That’s how much it ends up costing when you factor in travel, hotels, registration, Motrin.

First and foremost – Marine Corps Marathon. There’s the $115 registration, plus the round trip plane fare from south Florida. Fortunately, my friends and family will be providing the lodging and food so that cuts costs. It was the big reason I chose MCM over Chicago as my first marathon starting back.

Then I have Miami Half Marathon. The registration itself was fairly cheap, considering how big a race it is. But there is still all the travel logistics of 3 people coming to the race and staying on South Beach and going out etc.

But what other races am I going to run this season? Last season I ran 3 races (Wine & Dine, Miami, Sarasota). Three seems like the minimum. I would do more than 3 if cost wasn’t such an issue. For example, the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Everyone on run team is talking about this one. Or rather they’re talking about the Glass Slipper Challenge, where you run a 10k at 530am Saturday morning and then a half marathon at 530am Sunday morning and get 3 medals for your trouble, all for a grand whopping total of $295! Disney puts on great races and gives out great medals. But let me tell you, you pay for it. It’s not just the $295. It’s the 2-3 hotel nights.

Then there’s Miami. It’s going to end up costing a good chunk on January 25th. Then one month later a big $$ Disney race/trip for the Glass Slipper? Eek. Did I mention I’m still in grad school? It just seems cuts have to be made. I think some more local (read: cheaper) races are in order this season. The question now becomes, which ones? And by local I mean south Florida. However, soflo also represents 2 coasts separated by 3 hours. It’s not the easiest or cheapest thing to coast hop, especially when certain races don’t have same-day packet pickups so you are forced to go the day before. Now this means another hotel stay.

Argh! The logistics of all of this is so damn exhausting! If you could throw money at the problem – problem solved! But for those of us who can’t spend thousands of dollars on race seasons, we’re forced to bust out the calendars and calculators and figure it out.

So far the only thing I’ve come up with is cramming the Naples Half Marathon the weekend before Miami. It’s cheap and it’s easy, logistically. Other than that, nothing else is really working. So MCM, Naples, Miami? I guess I was just hoping for more, especially since I’ll be in perfect condition to run a bunch of halfs easily after an early marathon. I suppose I could run Sarasota again, which I could sign up for at the last minute again at the Miami Expo. I swore I wouldn’t run it again. But with same day packet pickup, how can I turn it down? Might as well just drive all the way out there and do it. That brings it up to 4 races. I can live with that.

Hey, there are more expensive hobbies out there. Like triathlons.


It’s September now and I sure did change up some plans! I ended up grabbing the Naples Half Marathon entry, even though I told myself to wait and sign up closer to time. I thought, hey, what could happen? Well what happened is my spouse gave me a surprise marathon entry to Walt Disney World Marathon! It’s insane. Yes, I wanted to add another race, but I didn’t say another marathon! Now I have WDW, Naples, and Miami all back to back weekends! (no, I haven’t figured out how this is going to work… Naples, you may be on the chopping block now). But I feel good with the lineup for this season! I’m excited. And yes, it was and is as expensive as it seems. That’s running for ya. Don’t even get me started on the amount of gear I’ve purchased since July.

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