Double Digit Running Makes Me Want To Puke

No really. Puke. Literally.

Apparently all miles under 10 are child’s play. Easy going flowery fun. But you start doing those double digits and all of a sudden it gets serious. You have to do responsible things like not drink the night before your double digit run, eat breakfast before your double digit run, hydrate for your double digit run. The responsibility is ginormous! Before double digits, you can pretty much wing it. Eight miles in the heat of the day without hydrating or getting enough sleep? Totally doable.

The 10 miler I ran today made me sick. Ok, I may have broken the 3 rules I mentioned above. But I didn’t think it would lay me out like it has all day today. What I thought would happen is that I’d spend the day high off the sense of accomplishment that only a double digit run before 9am can give you. Then maybe I’d eat some chocolate and drink some full-sugar sodas with abandon, all thanks to my 1,000 calorie burn. A fun day. That’s what I expected.

Rewind to when the mistakes started. I tried to go to bed early. But a late afternoon coffee kept me up past 12, tossing and turning. **Cue the turning off of the 5am alarm clock** However, there is no turning off my 6m alarm clock, the one that walks right up to my bed to inform me that the sun is awake and therefore I should be awake. You really can’t argue with that logic. Didn’t feel especially hydrated after wine the night before but did I drink water when I got to the kitchen? Of course not. It’s coffee time! Water is for my new hydration belt. That’s why I’m wearing the damn thing, right? So I don’t have to chug water before I head out. Right?? And breakfast? Again – fuel belt! I already stuck my GU into one of the loops. Breakfast is served!… or will be around mile 4. No problem. I’m set. Let the day begin.

The run went well. At 8 miles, though, I felt like I needed more water. Not more Gatorade but more water. Then I spent the last 2 miles thinking about the homemade lemonade I’d make when I got home. Lemon + maple syrup, over ice. It just sounded good and it’s good for recovery. Got home, checked off the “good long run” box, and went to take a swig of lemonade. And this is the first time I almost puked. What the heck?! The spouse said it was because I was drinking a cold drink that my body couldn’t absorb efficiently. He read it somewhere. Ok. I mean I don’t buy that, but fine. No more lemonade. But then couldn’t get any food down either. Everything was turning my stomach. Everything was making me want to, well, puke. Eventually an hour later I was able to eat a half a cup of oat bran cereal and milk. Several hours later I made myself eat a full lunch. Again it made me feel sick. At this point I’m getting really annoyed because eating fun things was one of the benefits of long distance running in the double digits! Now I’m getting jipped!

It’s incredibly obvious what went wrong in retrospect. Eating right and hydration. Mainly hydration. As much as I’ve tried to power drink since after my run, it’s only just beginning to rehydrate my body after my sodium-alcohol-coffee pre-run escapades. Message received. I had been following my Racing Weight diet plan and everything felt amazing. I stopped doing it and everything felt like hell. Pretty simple. Time to get serious in all aspects again. Not just in mileage. Remember when I mentioned training for marathons was hard? Yeah, I wasn’t just talking about the mileage.


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