Shuffling Run Days – The Lose-Lose Situation

I messed up this week, and the price is 16 miles of running over the course of 3 days.

I’m trying to tell myself that it’s not a big deal. It’s a half marathon and then a pinch over that (3 miles). Specifically it’s a 5 miler today, 3 tomorrow, and 8 Sunday. And all because I skipped a run day, assuring myself that I had plenty of time to fit it in “tomorrow.” Only tomorrow came and I got sick. Something I ate maybe, but instead of doing my run I ended up gulping down meds. So here I am, only 3 days left in this week and 3 runs yet to do. Not ideal. But is it a problem?

Talked to my run buddy about this. Talked about how since the farthest I’m doing is only 8 miles, and seeing as I’ve done 8 and 8.5 the past few weekends, this shouldn’t be overly taxing to my body and, therefore, doing a 5 and 3 beforehand shouldn’t be a big deal. Also, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere how Sara Hall was doing some long runs back to back in order to train her legs to “run tired.” Maybe that’s just what I’m doing?

If I actually do these runs, all three of them, I will still feel like this week was a success. If I don’t do them, I’ll be pissed with myself for screwing up my first week of running 4x a week. It’s also just a lesson to myself about how you ONLY skip runs if there is a really good reason. Simply not feeling like it or just wanting to push it off a day is not good enough. Because you always end up paying for it in some way. Here I am paying for it with 3 days of solid running in a row. No, they’re not insane numbers, but it’s just going to put me entering next week’s training in a very tired state. And there’s a reason they don’t stack your runs right before your long run day.

Hey, I’m just hoping the coming 16 miles puts a dent on the bad food I’ve been eating this week. It has NOT been a good runner’s diet week. Definitely a low point. Hoping to get back on the wagon (oatmeal and rice protein shakes) next week. Right now I’m just trying to keep my head above water and give myself whatever incentives I need to ensure I do the runs (incentives in this context = beer and doughnuts… don’t judge me).

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