Why Do All Thoughts On Running Have To Be Good?

Be positive! Imagine your goal and achieve it! Every run is a victory! Negative thoughts drag you down! Don’t say “I should run”, say “I choose to run!” (this last one from Runner’s World).

Let me just share a few of my thoughts before, during, and after my run today…

Is it seriously going to storm the rest of the day? Yep, it is.

Oh great, now I have to run on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. I’m not going to do it.

I’m really not going to run today. I’m going to be lazy and eat chocolate and drink beer. I’m not kidding.

My race buddy is on the treadmill right now… damnit… now I have to go. But I’m not doing the treadmill. I’ll run in the lightning before I do that.

What a bullshit weather report. This is why I hate Florida. Lying weather reports. It’s blazing hot, the sun is burning me, I’ve got bugs in my eyes and I just stepped on a snake!

My hamstring hurts.

Why am I training for a marathon? This 5 miles feels like a marathon! I cannot do 5x this much. I really can’t.

I bet I end up walking in front of the Marines at mile 20 and totally embarrass myself.

I hate that I’m so slow. This feels fast but it’s still a full minute slower than I used to be. I hate that I’m going to run a slow marathon.

I kinda want to walk right now. Ok I’ll try and slow it down more – slow running is better than walking right?

Blah blah blah I hate my own thoughts and I hate running.

I just want some orange juice. I just want to be home drinking orange juice right now.

Yay, it’s soooo much fun to sit on ice and drink orange juice. My bum is so frickin cold right now. Hope this helps my hamstring. I hate cold things. That’s why I live in Florida.

I’m going to call my race buddy and bitch about running to make myself feel better.

And that pretty much describes my thought process around runs. Lately I’ve only been blogging when I’m feeling good about running. I’m glad my race buddy understands how I really feel. She gets it. She feels the same way. And that makes me wonder why everybody always says you have to have positive thoughts. Sometimes my most negative thoughts are the ones that get me out the door. I get so upset at myself for my negative thoughts that I fight back against them and get out and run (most of the time). Sometimes anger and competition and negativity are serious propellants.

Kudos to all the runners who get out there to chase rainbows and butterflies. Or Boston PRs. We each use our own tools out of our own tool belt of hate (or, you know, sunshine).


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