National Running Day!

I didn’t even know this was a thing.  But after a wave of food-packed holidays, this is just the sort of thing I like to see on the calendar!

I’m heading out with the run group today. Not my normal group day but how can I not head out with the group on National Run Day? I’m really not much for group running, but I force myself to go to these things. My informal 2014 motto has been – If it feels uncomfortable, do it! I’m tired of looking back and seeing all the things I didn’t do because I was worried about something or fearful of something or something felt just too uncomfortable to me. Life is way too short.

Which brings me to my next topic on National Run Day… There are so many people who cannot run for various reasons, people who have lost the use of their legs, people who are sick or going through chemo, people who work two or more jobs each day to provide for their families, or people who are full-time caretakers for a loved one. Some of those people would give anything to be able to just take off running and feel their body move and be healthy or to have the time for such things. On the flip side of that, there are people who do not have any of that going on but who sit around complaining about life rather than doing anything productive (for the record, I’ve definitely fit into this category before). People who have the money, support, and time, but who are overweight and unhealthy because of their sedentary lifestyle and who are wholly unhappy over what is, relatively speaking, a bunch of nothing!I really think this is a circular problem. We’re too miserable to run but we’re miserable because we’re not running!

But remember when we all ran as children? Remember how fun it was?! Now everybody thinks of running as a chore. Even the fittest of my friends will say “Run? Oh god no. No no no. Not THAT.” And, sure, that first mile back might feel like hell. But again, let’s put it into perspective. Is having a healthy body and running your first mile in years really a “nightmare?” Isn’t it actually pretty damn awesome that here you are without any major impairment on your body, health, or time that you have the luxury of going on a run? Running can help you. Running can make you feel better even when you are at your lowest. Running is something that should be celebrated because it means you are still, in that moment, a healthy human being. Even when running is a chore, it’s making you better! Even when running hurts, be thankful that your knee/hip/tendon problem is the only thing on your list of sucky things.

Let’s all run today!! Run and feel good! Run and be happy! Just get out there and RUN!!!!


And if you need a little more reason to start running today…. consider doing this. The Chicago Marathon for Ronald McDonald House. There’s still time to train! Or just run for Ronald McDonald House wherever you live. These houses are all over and you can set it up so that the money you raise goes directly to the one in your area.

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