Week 3 – Barely Started And Sick Again

Yes, I’m sick again. Yes, this is the 5th time this year. Yes, it seems like I’m “always sick”, as my friends feel the need to remind me. And yes, this is screwing with my run plans!

I don’t want to point fingers…. but those germy roommates of ours seem to be the ones getting us sick. They touch and liick public surfaces and then stick their fingers in their mouths. They then become these lovely little petri dishes of growing germs that eventually gets me or the spouse (or both of us) sick. But whadaya gonna do? They’re our kids and kids get sick. Do I think that it’s a coincidence that Ryan Hall and Shalane Flanagan don’t have kids while they’re in their running prime? No, I don’t.

And of course I just got an email from the run group coach reminding all of us to meet at a different location today so we can do the hill workout. Damn! I wanted to do that! And the weather today is amazing! Not for tourists but for locals. It’s overcast and cool. Perfect run weather. Damn. Damn. Damn. Naturally this would be a fun run day and with perfect weather to boot. I am sitting here contemplating going anyway. Sure, I felt dizzy a second ago when I stood up, but that could just be…. something else.

Anyway, this is Week 3 in my marathon training. Not sure if I mentioned it but until I get my official plan from this new run group, I’m going off the Hal Higdon plan for marathon training – Novice 1.  I debated starting on Novice 2 since I had come off a season of half marathons, but I feel that I need to start my training down low and build back up properly. I did too many halfs this year without training properly, going from zero to 13.1 and it can’t have been good for my body. This Novice 1 plan allows me finish the training and maybe even add another long run at the end before MCM. But, as I said with my last post, the run group runs longer on some of the days than my plan says, so I’m actually doing more miles total than Higdon’s plan.

Last week I ran 18 miles total. (My Marine Corps Marathon race buddy ran 18 miles on Sunday alone!) I feel good about it. It’s the most I’ve run in a week in a long long time. And everything felt good. Paces were faster than my paces when I last did this sort of training about a year ago. Now if only I can shake this sickness in time to make sure I get this week’s mileage in, I’ll be a happy runner.


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