Running With A Group

I wasn’t running before. Then I join a run group and I’m running 3x a week. Doesn’t take a sport psychologist to see that this is helping. But I’m still having problems getting out there on days when the group doesn’t meet up, and that’s going to take some figuring out.

The run group is separated into people who have training plans and goals (marathons, triathlons, etc) who meet 3x a week and then an extra day where anybody can show up (and apparently does). I only go to the training plan days. That means I’m supposed to be doing one run on my own here. And guess what? It’s hard to get out there on my solo days where nobody but myself is holding me accountable.

It’s weird that the group is so inspiring because it’s not large and everyone’s pace varies so greatly in this little group. It’s not as if I’m always being swept along with a big group that is forcing me into my desired race pace. Sometimes a few people will thankfully keep me on pace when I want to slack. But other times it’s just a group of runners with different goals. Different marathons. Different expectations (i.e. walk/run plans). But just knowing they will be there, and that I’ve already announced my commitment to be there too, gets me out there 3x a week so far. Granted, I just started. But so far so good on attendance.

I do have major run group envy though with my MCM race buddy though. Her run group takes it to the next level. It’s attached to a major coach at a major university. They are discussing the nitty gritty of pace, style, gear, nutrition, triaging your goals to avoid injury, etc. It’s intense. Though I don’t want to dismiss the group coaches here yet. I haven’t actually met with the main one to discuss the plan yet because the main coach has been on vacation. Maybe all of this will still happen. And the group has already discussed their desire for aggressive training plans for Chicago, Marine Corps, and New York. That was great to hear. It means everyone is serious and confident about this.

I really want my training plan hashed out soon though. I’m getting impatient. What is supposed to be 3 small runs and one long run a week has turned into 2 mediums and a long. Is that a big deal? I don’t know. But no marathon plan I’ve seen says to do that. As it stands now, long run days are barely longer than medium run days. And yes… this is the type of conversation my spouse does NOT feel like hearing 20x a day. Thank god for run buddies and this blog eh?!  My run buddy and I are getting a little fanatical over our mileage and pace lately and talk about it incessantly. Good times. Boring blogs. Sorry folks. I got nuthin else. I’m obsessing about training plans at present.

P.S. I still don’t feel like running today. At all. Kids have been sick for a week and we haven’t been sleeping and my knee hurts and and and… ok there, got all my excuses out… chance of run today 50%…. 40%?

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