Finishing The Run Season With A D+

I saw on Twitter some guy said he had just finished a great 12 miler this weekend and was looking forward to the Marine 17k. Then my race buddy did 11 or 12 miles this weekend, followed by two 5’s this coming week before the race. People are really logging the miles!! Me? My biggest accomplishment is that I’m taking myself off the doctor prescribed sizzurp I’ve been on for the past couple of weeks. This 17k is going to be the worst. I mentally picture myself crawling through the woods to get to the finish and get my ticket to the MCM.

This flu has crushed me. It’s the sickest I’ve been in years. Yes, it was worse the first week, but the following weeks have been a chronic cough which the doc says is normal but which has taken me out of working out at all. I’m much better now but what good does that do me? The race is in 3 days!! And I’m still on the steroid inhaler because my lungs are traitors. Doc also said that if it got bad during the race that I should just stop. I told him that stopping was NOT an option. Told him that I have to get my ticket for the marathon! I think I saw him scribble me in his schedule for April 14th.

So goody for all the runners who are going into this 17k to kick ass and get that ticket which they will use to crush the marathon! Seriously, good for you. I’m jealous but happy for you. My race buddy, ever optimistic and encouraging, has done such a good job at pumping me up that I’m starting to think that fat, sick, and out of shape is the optimal way to start a race. Thanks buddy. Look for me at the 3 hour mark.


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