7 Day Juice Detox

I made it 7 days this time. All went well. I keep telling my friends that doing a juice detox is far easier than any other type of “I promise I’m going to eat oatmeal and egg whites every morning!” plan. Basically if it’s not going to be a pizza and wings then I’d rather just get my healthy meal over and done with. Juicing does just that.

It’s a bit tedious to go into a play-by-play of every day. Maybe if I do a 30 day challenge that might get interesting. But here are some of the basics:

Pounds lost – 10

For the record, I wasn’t in it to lose weight. I juiced the same calories that I was supposed to eat. But the omission of sodium (I’m a salt addict) combined with the fact that you can’t juice tortilla chips made it so that I lost a good chunk of weight. I didn’t feel hungry or crave anything either. And that’s a huge departure from from other diet plans I’ve tried where I only find relief from cravings after the 7 days are over.

Proteins used – rice protein, hemp protein, pea protein

rice protein

rice protein

The hemp protein was easiest to mix and was the least overpowering. But the hemp protein also has a lot of carbs in it and I wanted more of a straight protein mix. The rice protein is mainly protein and you can buy it organic without anything else thrown in the mix. It’s a bit clumpy to mix and it definitely changes the flavor of stuff, but nothing unbearable. You get used to it pretty quickly. The pea protein had a bit of cranberry protein in it as well and some other stuff, but the spouse (my official researcher since I can’t be bothered) told me that it had more of a complete amino acid profile than the rice protein. That sounds good right? Thing is it came flavored as “vanilla” which I think detracted from it. Other than that, it was still fairly easy to mix and definitely drinkable, but my least favorite taste-wise because of the “vanilla.”

hemp protein

hemp protein

I had planned to keep going with this juice detox for another week until the 17k but, well, another roadblock killed my juicing. Or maybe it just seriously injured my juicing. My cough post-flu has been been so frustrating that I started skipping juices. I didn’t eat anything off-plan in its place. But it contributed to my run down feeling because I was eating way less than I was supposed to in the last 2 days. Cue the leftover lasagna. Yeah, I had lasagna tonight with the fam. Told my juicing buddy that it always happens that the first thing I end up eating after going vegan or juicing or  is

something with cheese, gluten, and red meat all wrapped up in one. Told my pal that all it needed was to be topped off with alcohol and the undoing would be complete. But instead of alcohol I went with a Reeses peanut butter cup.

You know what? I don’t feel bad about any of it. I did 7 days and it felt great. The juices were great until you start adding all that protein to them. But the protein was necessary for me. I did always drink half the juice au natural before I add the powder. That helps.

vegan protein

vegan protein

If you ever get a chance to juice, go for it. It’s not as hard as you think, especially when you add protein and fats to it. It becomes a fully satiating shake of sorts. It rids your body of excess water weight from sodium and it helps you to get into a mindset of better eating. I’m telling you, it kills your cravings. It’s like Morgan Spurlock said in his Super Size Me documentary. When you eat enough bad food you eventually start craving that bad food all the time. After a week juicing, you forget you ever wanted all that junk. And I can honestly say this because my spouse didn’t spare my feelings at all and ate all kinds of great things in front of me while I had to sit there and drink beet juice.

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