Juicing Detox, Juice App – A Review

Just started another attempt at a long juice detox. I’m doing this because I can’t run right now due to combination of getting over the flu, lingering cough, and my asthma bringing it all together into the perfect storm. I had hoped to get a few long runs in before the 17k but that doesn’t look possible. At least I can’t count on it. So I’m going to try and flood my body with healthy juice and make myself whole again and hopefully lose some weight in the process.

I bought that book Racing Weight (more on that later) and one of the things I saw when I flipped through it quickly was that you gain a 10% performance boost by increasing your workouts and intensity OR by dropping weight. That’s how I came up with focusing on the weight loss right now while I can’t run. It did a lot to console me when I got the flu. I have two weeks til I head to DC for the race so that gives me 2 weeks to drop as much weight as juicing will allow and hopefully not be the wreck I would be if I just showed up without training.

The juicing plan goes like this:   1-2 servings of juice + 2 servings of organic rice protein + a few almonds ; for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As I mentioned before, I tried this a few weeks ago. It went really well up until Day 5 when I tried to make a bloody mary. Thing is, I didn’t go by the recipe in my juice app. I just threw shit together and it made me vomit… literally. Yeah I threw up all over my kitchen, pretty much instantaneously. I suspect it was the juiced onion and the juiced jalepenos. Also I had a massive asthma attack as a result. That was the really curious part. This time, however, I have decided to incorporate the elimination diet plan and the juicing diet plan and the zone diet all into one. Meaning I won’t do inflammatory foods in my juices (no onions, tomatoes, peppers etc) and I will incorporate protein powder and fats into my juices (to make them zone ratios).

Also I will try to make different juices from the juice app to make sure I’m hitting a bunch of different fruits and veggies each time and to make sure I don’t throw up again. This juice app is pretty great by the way. It’s gives you 101 recipes for juice drinks and was designed by Joe Cross, the guy who did the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. My buddy got the app for me when we both got juicers. I was like, great, now I have to do this damn juice thing because I just got gifted a $15 app! But it’s been great. It’s basically an interactive cookbook for juices. It tells you all the nutritional information on each juice and what the juices helps with health-wise and even organizes a grocery list for you.

I have no idea how much I will lose before the Marine 17k but anything I lose will only benefit me. That will be less pounds to drag up each hill and less pounds to drag over 11 miles. Hoping I can stick this out. The spouse is obsessed with Mediterranean diet right now so lemme tell you how hard it is to make lawn juice (aka “green lemonade”) when you’re watching someone throw down bruschetta.


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