How To Run Whilst Stricken With The Flu

The best way to train for long distance races when you have the flu is to LAY IN BED COVERED IN TISSUES with Nyquil, Tamiflu, and Albuterol littered at your feet and a barf bag and thermometer at your side! In other words – Give up! There’s simply nothing you can do.

I thought I had the flu LAST time I was sick. Doc told me it is possible that I have a different strain this time. That my immunity would be down after the half marathon (specifically after 90 minutes of intense exercise), despite having gotten the flu shot this year, and that it is likely I caught it in Sarasota… where those germy bastards apparently coughed their flu all over me.

You know what? It’s fine. Give me all these sicknesses now and not next fall when I’m doing the marathon. I’m pretty sure I can get through the Marine 17k right now even if I don’t do another mile from now til then. And maybe all this weight I’m losing will help too. Just bought the book Racing Weight so now I get to lay in bed and read all about how I’m 30 lbs over my ideal racing weight and how to fix it in the coming months. Fun times.



On Day 4 of a 5 day Tamiflu pack I decided to go run because I felt slightly better. But mainly it was because I had one of my kid’s cupcakes and thought, if I’m well enough to eat a cupcake then I’m well enough to run! Even as I write it, it doesn’t make sense. I did 5 miles instead of my planned 6. It rained on me too. And after 3 miles I was having to stop to cough up my lungs. I got back and I dropped down in coughs that wracked my body while I tried to take puffs of my inhaler in between. I must have been quite a sight because my littlest one came over and patted my leg in a soothing way. Poor thing. No I’m find kids, I just did something incredibly stupid and this is when I pay up. Now, today, I’m worse off than I was yesterday for sure. I’m going to have to ride this out until the very end, and the very end may be another week away. Meanwhile I’m drinking coffee and soups and that’s pretty much it. As my friends know, I’m a soup junky this year so I’m secretly pleased with any reason to get a free pass to drink all the cup o’ soups I want. But other than that I feel like shit and am pretty annoyed when I think how I may have set myself back further because I was obsessed with getting a run in. Damnit.

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