4 Days Til Half I didn’t Train For – A Status Report

I’m just running Sarasota for the medal. I didn’t set out with that singular objective, but it happened that way. Two bouts of week long sicknesses after Miami and a week out of town really messed with my run plans. It’s unfortunate but what can I do?

Well I did crank out an 8 miler the other day, as my one good faith, pre-half gesture. And I’m sore even 2 days later. Though I did go considerably faster than usual. It doesn’t matter. Sarasota is going to hurt. And that will probably land me 5 days off afterwards to recover. Or 5 days of not training for Marine 17k. Not good. Meanwhile my race buddy is doing hill sprints at 6 min miles to prepare.

A couple of productive things I did, even through sickness, were to begin weight training and to start a juice/vegan cleanse. The weight training feels amazing. It’s been a long time. Mainly I’m working on my core and my arms and my back right now, but will continue back on legs after this race. As for the juicing, it feels better than a drug. You think I’m exaggerating but I’m not. After about 3 days I felt so great and like I could continue it forever. Unfortunately, I stopped after 5 days due to a juicing fiasco. I tried to take it to the next level with my own interpretation of a Bloody Mary……. it’s almost too crazy to believe but I ended up projectile vomiting. Turns out onion juice should not be consumed. At least by me. I took one sip and maybe 10-15 seconds later (the time it took to hit my stomach?) I vomited all over my kitchen floor, in front of my kids no less. Luckily not in front of my spouse, who would have used my puking as a captive audience to lecture on the dangers of “my crazy plans.” Look, the damn thing worked before I started juicing onions!… annnnd jalepenos. Ok, everyone is a Monday morning quarterback eh? I recognize my mistakes and won’t repeat them. But I do want to try this again.

Anyway, that’s the pre race report. Also just found out I’m going to have to show up for same-day packet pickup. That means getting up really really early and getting on the road many hours before start time to hopefully get there and get that packet. It stresses me out because if I don’t get there in enough time to get that packet, I don’t race. It’s also a recurring dream of mine – that I start a race after people have already been running for a long long time and I spend the whole race running alone and miles behind. So I’m totally not going to have a restful couple of nights before THIS race.

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