2014 Disney Wine And Dine Sold Out – By The Numbers

Hours for Disney Wine and Dine to sell out this year – 36

Wine and Dine Halfs to date – 4

Times We Have Run Wine and Dine – 2

Times we have said “Are you kidding?! I can’t BELIEVE this!” after seeing this year’s W&D Half sell out – 58

I really am in shock at how fast the Wine and Dine sold out this year. Previous years it was open months or weeks at least. Plenty of time. Spouse and I saw the registration the day it was open but since it was so close after the Marine Corps Marathon I’m running late October, it seemed a bit much. That’s two big family trips within two weeks. It’s also a half marathon 2 weeks after my first marathon in forever. Something kept us from pulling the trigger.

The spouse, as always, wanted to do it. It’s become somewhat of a family tradition. And when we found out it was the 5th year of the race, it sounded even more attractive. But I gotta tell ya, my kids are still so young and that race is still so late. The guns go off at 10pm and depending what corral you’re in, you could be starting close to 1030. It’s brutal to do with young kids and that’s a fact. It’s the main reason I don’t like that race. We roll in at 4am and our kids are up 1-2 hours later. It’s painful after a weekend at the parks.

But even with all of that we were leaning towards doing it. So imagine my surprise when I saw that it was sold out mere days after it opened. I only just learned how fast it sold out. I wonder if this is a 5th anniversary thing or just a “everybody loves this race and it’s getting better and better each year” thing. I guess next year we will be on Run Disney at the exact second of registration like I had to with the Marine 17k this year. Is this what it has come down to?? Every race you want to run you either have to be the 1st person in the whole world to get through the online registration or you have to leave your fate to lottery? Does anyone else think it’s becoming crazy lately with races?


The 2015 Wine And Dine sold out in 1 hour this year. Usually when races start to do that the race system goes to a lottery. I wonder if Disney will ever do that or if it’s just going to become this “sold out in 8.6 minutes” thing the next few years.

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