When You’re REALLY Too Sick To Run

Been. So. Sick. So many cocktails of meds. Bed rest. Doctor visits. The works. Naturally this would happen during exam week. And of course this would happen right before a race that I was cramming for already. Today is the first day I’ve felt well enough to have a coherent thought.

There really isn’t much to say. I’m out. I’m still on meds. Can’t run. Most I can do now is hit a couple 6 milers after this coming week (maybe) and then the race is 2 weeks from today. Just on too much stuff to go out right now. Can’t believe it, but also don’t care enough to feel bummed about it or nervous about what it will do to my race. I was only in this race for the medal anyway, not a PR. Hey, at least I wasn’t sick race week. And I’ve lost weight too, so there’s that. Not that I’d ever recommend losing weight this way.

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