Finding Motivation To Run Is Like Finding A Cell Signal… With The Worst Carrier

You have it one minute. The next minute you lost it. What the heck is going on here?! I just had it! Maybe if I stand closer to the window… or my run shoes.

That’s how I feel lately about getting my runs in. I have a half in 3 weeks and a “don’t want to embarrass myself” race in 7 weeks. In other words, time is short. So I don’t have time to NOT get out the door for these runs! But I flip flop hour by hour and minute by minute before running. And, sadly, I have been doing more flopping than flipping. This week alone I have already missed a run. Batting 50% now but that’s simply not good enough for the “don’t embarrass yourself” training plan.

It would be easy to blame work and school. But what am I going to do? Show up for my race wearing a shirt that says “I didn’t train because I had a lot going on”  ?? Lame. Everybody has a lot going on. I just wish I knew how to grab onto that motivation and hold it. These crash training plans I’ve been doing are obviously not working. Two races now have been crash trains and my times were outrageously bad. I have my theories why. More on that in another post. But right now I just need to take this seriously, even during exam weeks. Even while I’m sick. (both of those going on currently)


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