Up Next: Sarasota First Watch Half Marathon

Cannot believe I have this race up so soon. I’m so focused on the 17k in Virginia that I really haven’t been thinking about this one. Annnnd it’s in 3 weeks.

This is one of those expo races. You’re all pumped up to run the race you’re at the expo picking up your packet for (Miami) that you’re excitement propels you to sign up for another race on the fly. They know this. That’s why they’re there. But I had been eying the Sarasota Half for a while. It’s on my Florida race list. Miami was on there until I crossed it off… and signed up for it again next year (*see upcoming post about post-race-superman-delusion-euphoria). And I started getting greedy for medals and figured race season was rapidly coming to a close so I could still grab this one up! Now I’m like, seriously? Sarasota?

Sarasota First Watch Half

Sarasota First Watch Half

The medal is HUGE though. But, here I go again, I’m going to criticize it. It’s the same issue as Miami. Every year they have some huge prominent palm tree on the Miami medal, except the year I finally do it. Hey, it’s fine. I like it. It grew on me. This Sarasota one has had dolphins on it for years. Like big dolphins that you can see across the room. Just like those palm trees. But the year I run it? Now it’s this abstract impressionistic version of dolphins on it and it’s like a plaque hanging from your neck. Again, this is me being hyper critical. I like it. I signed up for it. But if there’s a better dolphin next year, I’ll probably run it again.

And yes, I have a thing for medals. It’s something I can hang up on my wall to show that I accomplished something in March, 2014. That’s pretty great to me. I don’t get medals for all the damn papers I write and exams I take. This is the only visible marker for the hard work I’ve done (we don’t hang our degrees up all over the house). SO IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A DOLPHIN SARASOTA?! Just watch this be the year that Marine Corps doesn’t put the eagle, globe and anchor on their medal and instead it’s a giant “MC”. Then I really will think it’s me.

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