Marine Corps 17.75k Sells Out In 9 Minutes!!!

Wow. I’m sitting here in shock. I got entry into the Marine 17.75k! This means guaranteed entry into the 39th Marine Corps Marathon this October. Holy shit.

I didn’t even think I was going to do this. I told myself I was just going to try registering at noon and see how far I got. Told my old military buddy that registration was in an hour and got a “roger that” in response, which meant that my buddy who said “no more long distances!” was a confirmed liar. Next thing I know, I’m in! And my buddy also got in! It’s unreal. We both are here going… What did we just do?! Are we running the MCM this year??!

For those of you who don’t know, the Marine Corps 17.75k is a race that celebrates the year that the U.S. Marine Corps was founded, in 1775, hence the distance. Even the race participants are limited to 1,775 runners. And if you get in and complete this race, you get this Willy Wonka-esq golden ticket at the finish line that guarantees you get a slot in the Marine Corps Marathon!

This year, the 39th Marine Corps Marathon has gone to lottery system where you have to submit your name and hope you’re chosen (or be relegated to wheeling and dealing on the forums for a slot transfer from someone else). So everyone was gunning for these tickets. At the Miami Marathon expo earlier this month there was a booth for the MCM with this man and woman sitting at a table with little cards that were just a “save the date” about registration for the 17k and MCM. It reminded me of the booth in Monsters University for the Scare Games. They were very nice but they basically knew you’d never get in. I said “Yeah, I heard it sold out in 40 minutes last year, so I imagine it will be tough.” And the woman said “We are thinking more like 5 minutes.” I laughed, took the card anyway and threw it in my bag. And then look!! It sold out in 9 minutes!! Unreal! I swear I can’t believe both my buddy and I got in. I have doubled checked my registration 50 times now.

I’m freaking out right now guys! Not gonna lie. This is amazing. I’ve been thinking about this race for months. And I’m also not a little bit self conscious about being the old fat veteran who shows up to a military sponsored race. Race and diet training begins in earnest NOW.

Oh, and I’ll be taking way more pictures. Been lazy about that before and not much of a picture-posting obsessed runner. But gonna change things up because there aren’t many pictures out there of these things.

Check out how the race went here.

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