Before There Was Detox, There Was Post-Race Super Bowl

Not gonna lie. Feel like shit tonight. Can’t believe I’m going to run this half in a couple of days. School is taking hold again so the last thing I’m really thinking about is a race, except to then think that it will be a shitty shitty time for me.

Race buddy coming in tomorrow. Then we’re going to spend a bunch of time getting our stuff together… stuff that won’t make a damn bit of difference on our performance because, oh yeah, we barely trained. Can I just say that I really plan to do better in 2014? Isn’t it better to start at rock bottom and go up from there?

Basically we’re doing more planning and talking about watching the game and which kind of Doritos we want post-race than planning and talking about the race itself. I, for one, am in total avoidance/denial mode. I will literally just start thinking about things when I have my packet in my hand, and maybe not even then. Maybe around 3am on Sunday morning when I’m wondering where the hell I’m supposed to park my car.

Buddy wants to go out after the run. I just want to go back and sink into the couch and watch the game and have a Coke and some snacks while icing my knee. I think I’m anticipating a lot more pain than my pal, which is interesting since I’m the one who trained more. Let me tell you, this is gonna be a really great experiment in what bodies can do when they run 13.1 miles without training. *PAIN*

Sticker on the back of my buddy’s car:

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