Detox Challenge – Coming Soon!

Get ready for it folks… the 2014 Detox Challenge is about to begin! And by “challenge” I mean it’s gonna be a challenge to just start it.

My running buddy and I are in the planning phases of a detox. We both got juicers over the holidays. My pal got the Cadillac of juicers (I forget the name but it’s top of the line) and I have the Honda Civic of juicers (hey, that’s a decent car, and so is my low end Breville!). What started this idea is that documentary by Joe Cross – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I actually got my juicer before I saw that documentary. My fiend and I have been figuring out recipes and juicing in general this past month. We pretty much feel like we have it down now. So obviously it’s time for a challenge right? Eh.

My stipulations were that the challenge had to be after my half marathon and it couldn’t be over any major holidays. The ideal time to start will be right after Miami, so long as I don’t have to go on leave here soon (still unknown, I’m not going to be hauling my juicer through airports like Cross), I will be starting right after the race (and Super Bowl Sunday). The challenge will be 21 days. 21 days of only juicing. But, unlike Mr. Cross, we will be adding protein supplements to it (most likely rice protein) and some healthy fats. After all, we’ll both still be running through this. Not sure how juicing will affect the whole mileage plan but I guess that’s the point. We’ll see.

Really the juicing/detox isn’t the big challenge. It’s juicing and detoxing through a run plan. It’s easy to sit on your ass and drink juice and be miserable. It’s a whole nuther thing to be logging 30 miles a week while juicing and detoxing. More details coming soon but this looks like a go.

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