Bicyclists – My New Nemises

I thought cars and alligators were supposed to be my big worries here in soflo. Turns out the gd bicyclists are the ones who are going to take me out.

How frickin hard is it on a 5-6 foot wide path to give a runner some space? Over the course of one long run, I had at least 5 bicyclists brush by me where I was practically skimmed by their bike or their clothes. And it’s not like it was bottlenecking at those points. There was nobody around. How lazy are you people? Hey, I own a bike. And I know how long this path is. Basically what I’m saying is that it’s a LOT harder for me to run this path than for you to bike it so you can’t be THAT tired that you can’t move over and then move back to the right side after passing me. Man. I swear. A nice elbow is what some people need.

But since I’m trying to be a little less negative these days, I will say that I think bicyclists keep the alligators away. So there’s that.

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