When Socks Turn Into Brooks Adrenaline

That’s right. I bought new run shoes 1 week out from my race. Desperate times, my friends.

Actually, I was heading to the gym to do some cross training, but then figured I might as well get those new socks I needed for the race. My old ones are not keeping the blisters at bay. I get to the store and a skinny college kid greets me. A discussion about socks quickly ends up over at the shoe wall. And it pretty much went downhill from there.

My ankle has been hurting lately after runs, and I have Miami coming up (for which I’m not really prepared) and it’s been 3 years since I’ve replaced my long run shoes. Before I was in Asics GTs (which the kid helpfully pointed out were 3 generations ago). For better pronation support he said I should go up to the Asics Kayano. “Well what about another brand?” I asked. And this is why I didn’t make it to the gym that night. I pretty much had the kid take down every shoe off the wall.

In the end it was the Brooks Adrenaline. They felt so much more structured than the Asics. In fact, the Kayano felt like wearing a sock compared to the Adrenaline. And maybe some people like that. But not me. I wanted something that felt like it was supporting a bum ankle. The Adrenaline just felt good all around. It was also around $50 cheaper, which is always a definite bonus.

Imagine my surprise when I look it up later and find out it’s “Editor’s Choice” from December 2013 Runner’s World Magazine! I wouldn’t say I go nuts researching but I tend to type in a few inquiries before I buy something as serious as a new pair of running shoes. I guess I was just lucky this time. But those folks at Runner’s World were right. The shoe just feels good.

I don’t know if it’s just good marketing or that I was with them for so long or that it’s a simple fact, but the Asics looks better to me than the Brooks. But in the end looks don’t matter do they? These Brooks could have been baby pink with a fuzzy tail in the back and I still would have bought them.

Brooks Adrenaline

Brooks Adrenaline

GEL Kayano

GEL Kayano

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