One Week Til Miami

Everything is feeling pretty good. I did a 9 miler last weekend. It was good, busted ankle notwithstanding

There’s always something isn’t there? But I can deal with a sore ankle. What I can’t so much deal with is the blister on that same foot. I think I need to go get a new pair of race socks and try them out before the race. Maybe try them out on a 10 miler this weekend. I told myself on this last run that I wasn’t going to do another run before Miami, but it was mile 6 with that blister and I was in pain. Now, on this side of it, I’m kind of looking forward to a 10 miler, or anything past 8 really.

Race buddy still MIA. Well, race buddy has now told me that he may or may not run and that he’ll decide the night before. Hey, I don’t much care what anyone else does, but it’s interesting considering the whole issue before was that I was being wishy washy. I tell ya, Miami just doesn’t feel like a lucky race.

Another thing on my mind is race logistics. I’m never usually concerned with this because in DC you can Metro or walk to a race and Disney has transportation and smaller town races you just drive up and you’re there. Miami is a whole nuther thing. It’s driving the streets of Miami figuring out directions and parking at 4am. I’m familiar with driving around Miami and all but when they start closing down roads because of the race, then I start to get nervous. I guess if we get up early enough none of it should be an issue. You can make a lot of mistakes when you give yourself enough time. Unless that mistake is to drive into the 305 hood at 3am. And here I was worried getting hurt during the race.

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