Worst Race Buddy Of 2014? —-> This Guy!

I was supposed to do Miami Half in 3 weeks with my race buddy. I bailed. But let me explain why…

I’m injured. Again. It’s weird. My surgery scar feels like it’s ripping open. And I have a couple lingering injuries all over (hamstring, knees…). But I didn’t flat out bail. I just said I couldn’t be counted on. Because I was being pressed for an answer. And the truth is I didn’t have one. I don’t have one. Most of my race buddies understand because they, too, are dealing with injuries. This one? Not so much. This race buddy is a newbie to racing, has no injuries, and just shows up for halfs without training and does fine. Kinda like I used to do when I was 21. Marathon tomorrow? Sure, what time? That was me and that is this woman (even though she’s not 21, she’s my age).

I basically had to say, “Look, I don’t know if I can or will do Miami. If you want me to say yes or no right now then it’s ‘no’.” And that didn’t go over too well. I can understand that. She’s really excited about the Miami weekend and I’m being that downer, the weak link. But I ran a 7 miler earlier this week and going to run an 8 tomorrow. Think that’s my idea of fun? Not with the pain I’m in. But I have a really hard time letting go of a race. Especially Miami, which I’ve bailed on 2 times already. I want to do it. I’m trying to do it. I’m prepared to break my whole body crawling over that finish line, even if I’m representing yet another PR for worst time ever.

Seriously, I’m trying my ass off. But I’ve got a spouse, 2 young kids, work full-time, and am now getting another graduate degree. It ain’t easy.

….But I’m still trying, Buddy!


Looks like the race is on! At least on my end. Thankfully my body is *maybe* gonna hold out.

Second Update:

Did the race! Guess I’m no quitter. I just maybe have a tendency to freak out before races. I was hurt though! But it was a non issue.

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