Miami ING – 3 Week Countdown

Like I said in my last post, I’m not sure if I can or will do this. But I want to! I haven’t gone around tallying up all my different marathons or half marathons but I think this will be the biggest one I’ve ever run. It’s daunting.

I try not to look at pictures of the race. Goes back to a post I did a while back where I said I prefer to race blind. I get a good heaping of race anxiety when I start researching races too much. And from the few pictures I’ve seen of Miami, it’s insane. And these days, after Boston, now I’m also thinking about security. Hey, I’ll show up to these races but I’m not moving mountains to get my family to come with me or wait at the finish line or anything.

I saw the medal for Miami too. Hmm…. first impression wasn’t great, but it’s growing on me. I had friends do the 10th anniversary one and that medal was probably the best I’ve ever seen (outside of last year’s Marine Corps Marathon medal). I was expecting something like that this year. It’s a spin within a spin within a spin. Ok, I got it. The damn thing spins. But I was hoping for a palm tree or something. Maybe even a big palm tree, like the last couple years. Something that screams MIAMI!!! This one, you can’t really tell where the hell it’s from, unless you equate tacky ribbons with Miami (for the record, I don’t… mostly). And speaking of the ribbon… hearts. Yes, I saw hearts on it. All over it maybe? I dunno. I mean, hearts are fine. Good even. Hearts are better than, say… stars and rainbows? I can dig hearts.

Ok we’ll see what happens. See if I show up. Haven’t cancelled any hotel reservations or anything yet, so technically it’s still a go. And haven’t needed to be picked up by paramedics on any of my long runs yet, though last time I debated on having the spouse take me in. Scar ripping incident. But we’ll see.

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