New Years Resolution… About Running

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this. For the past 3+ months, in fact, I’ve known what my #1 New Year’s Resolution would be. NO MORE RACES. I also told myself I needed to blog about it ASAP in order to cement this contract with myself before I broke my resolutions. Too late.

Here it is anyway folks:


#2  Stop saying “YES!!” any time any friend asks me to race (see #1)

#3  Drop the excess weight so that I can run more effectively

#4  If/when resolution #1 is broken, do no hound friends to start gunning for the Marine Corps Marathon lottery

#5  If/when resolution #2 is broken, make sure it is NOT a night race!

That’s about it I think. But as I was drafting this resolution list for the year, of course I would have my best damn run of 2013. I was begging my body to do some good runs for months and all I got back was pain and failure. Then, when I write it off completely (though still having to somewhat train for Miami), I go out and have an amazing 5 mile run, followed by an amazing 6 mile run. What is that all about?? Then I start hearing the ticking clock that is the countdown to Marine Corps lottery signup. Then I maybe called some old military buds and told them we need to do this. More on that later. Let’s just say my phone calls were not as welcome as I had hoped.

We’ll see what this year brings with running. But it still remains that I could go without the pressure of racing.

Update 1/24/14:

1.  Broken (debatable)

2.  Intact

3.  Broken

4.  Broken

5.  Intact

What’s that, 2 out of 5 intact? That’s not bad right? Technically #1 isn’t broken because this race was scheduled before I put this on the resolution list. I’m thinking it’s definitely a 3 out of 5 intact.

Update 2/11/14

1.  COMPLETELY broken – 3 race entries in the bag at present, and we’re only 42 days into the new year… no words

2.  ALSO completely broken – spouse got me to say yes again to Disney Wine and Dine and race pal got me to say yes again to Miami. Unbelievable. I understand now that I have a problem. I can never say NO to a race.

3.  …working on it. :/

4.  Intact! … well, we’re planning on 2015 v. 2014

5.  Broken – see #2. Masochistic much?

Update 5/24/2014

1.  FAIL

2.  Ok, outside of the 2/11/14 update, nobody has asked me to do a race with them, so still intact!

3. …STILL a work in progress 😦

4.  Wow… this is so broken that it’s almost a joke. We got into the Guaranteed Entry 17.75k and are doing the MCM in October. We’re in the middle of training right now. I can’t believe it.

5.  Intact!! We didn’t get into Disney Wine and Dine Half! Thankful for unanswered prayers!


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