New Years Resolution: No More Races, P.S. Holidays Suck

I think I’ve said all I need to say in the title. But let me expand…

Miami Half coming up. I could care less. Was telling my running buddy tonight that races aren’t motivating me to run anymore. And my military bud wants me to do the Marine Corps Marathon this year and initially I said yes. Now I’m like, who am I kidding? I can’t do it. I can’t commit to it. Not sure if it’s the injuries or the lack of motivation. But even when I get out there to do a long run (those rare moments), my hamstring injury keeps coming up. It’s the most random thing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know why it’s still around. It’s deep inside. Probably a result of pulling it in a non-running activity. But when the motivation comes, the injury comes. And when I think about the injury, I just mentally give up on even getting out there.

I’m at the point now where Miami is two months away. I’m also entering finals. ‘Nuf said. Forget Miami.

Now about the holidays… I planned to run. Planned to hit the gym. Planned it all out. But, without getting into specifics, a lot of things happened to make it impossible. Not “my car broke down” impossible but impossible because of the demands of my family. They weren’t bad demands. They were just “damn, now I can’t get to the gym” demands. No big deal. But not exactly getting me to my PR for Miami either. At this rate, I just don’t see it going well at all. And of course there was all the food. The family comes in and makes all this food that we never have in our house otherwise. And the crazy part is that I eat it! Afterwards I feel sick. Whatever amazing feelings you feel from clean diets, the exact opposite feelings manifest from holiday eating (when other people cook). That also doesn’t make you feel up for running. It’s just toxic really.

I think the plan will just be to heal my body as best as I can before Miami and hope for the best. And then, NO MORE RACES!!! I’m over them for a long while. I look at some of my run friends and they still have this twinkle in their eyes when they talk about races and running. My eyes are dull. The word “run” and “race” just makes me think of regret, pain, work, and failed plans. But, to be honest, I barely think about running until other people bring it up.

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