How To Run 30 Minutes Slower On Your Next Half!

The answer to this is to take a 2 year old and 1 year old to the Disney parks for 3 full days before you race a 10pm race. But that’s not all! Make sure you do this after not training sufficiently because you’re up to your ass in your final classes in graduate school. And voila! You too can add 30 minutes to your time!

Yeahhhhh what can I say? It happened. I actually wasn’t too cut up about it while it was happening or after it happened, but as the days go on, I’m getting more and more annoyed. I’m also getting more and more shocked. I was telling some of my run buddies that this +30 is actually a +45 from where I was before I got injured a couple of years ago. When I started thinking about it like that, I really started feeling low (or is that slow).

I only ran a couple 8 mile runs sporadically before I left for Disney. But maybe 9 days before Disney I did a 10 mile run. Yes, it was slow, but I didn’t think too much of it. But even then, right after that, I predicted my Wine and Dine time to the minute. I guess I just knew.

But the endless hurried walking around Disney did not help things. My shins and knees were killing me even before I started. Even my ankles hurt. I’m not used to walking for miles and miles and miles. And then the kids didn’t sleep the first few nights there because they were pumped up on sugar and just the Disney effect in general, so guess what? Mommy and Daddy didn’t sleep either. It’s fine. We expected it. But I guess I didn’t expect how my body would be beat into the ground going into it. While I was waiting for my corral to start, I was yawning over and over, to the point that this woman next to me told me to stop yawning so early in the night with the whole race ahead of me. I think I grumbled something about having 2 little kids at home so I’m frickin beat. She looked at me like I just announced I had a strain of TB that was making me sleepy. Look lady, we can’t all be chipper and ready to party at Epcot after 13 miles. Some of us are beat into the ground by toddlers and work and school and are only here because the spouse and the in-laws begged and pleaded with me to sign up again. (please be sure to read the upcoming post on races I will never be doing again – ever).

I hit my wall early. It was the first time I was really worry about not finishing. At mile 2 I was already painfully aware that I was in a corral that was faster than my pace was going to be. That was depressing. But then at around mile 5 and 6 the real pain set in and my knees and arches made me stop to shake it out. Last year, on account of the hills, I got huge blisters on both feet by mile 6. This year I laced my shoes up super tight so they wouldn’t rub around in there, but the flip side was that it made my foot plant all weird and my arches were screaming. That’s my theory at least. I stopped probably a dozen times to f— with my laces. That wasn’t annoying at all.

But my knees were the real problem. The beveled hills were worse than any hill I’ve ever run, and I’ve run hills at Big Sur that make you wanna just give up and hail a cab. You are not only running up and down but at a 45-60 degree side angle. My body was already hurting from being out of shape but after the park walking every day, this just sealed my fate. It was over. I knew I was just going to hope for the best and try and get that medal and be done with it.

But like I said, even though I’m just thankful I finished, I’m getting more bummed about the time and the injuries. Case in point, I tried to go out and run an easy 6 yesterday and it was awful. My knees. They are definitely not healed. I’m gonna take a full week off starting now and then try 6 again. I’d hate to think I have to start from scratch now because of this. I do have Miami to think about. But I also regained my motivation. Not gonna try for a PR but gonna try to beat the first Wine and Dine time for sure.

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