School Has Taken Over – Why I’ve Quit Running

Finishing up my first masters. It’s hell. I’m exhausted. Did I mention I have 2 toddlers under 3? Running? Yeah right.

Race is in 3 weeks. All I feel is pain. Back pain. Both traditional and stress induced back pain (more of a pinched nerve that is triggered every time I think about school work). And nobody told me kids would still want to be picked up constantly even after they could walk perfectly. Funny thing about back pain is that if you can’t walk without pain you can’t run without pain. Pain pain pain. But when I’m not tossing back Motrin to deal with the pain, I’m slurping down coffee and staying up til 3am working on papers. Running is so far out of my personal sphere that the only time I think about it is to laugh about how much worse I’m going to do at the Wine and Dine than I did last year post surgery.

I’m sorry but I’m gonna call it. I can’t work full time, do masters full time, have a couple of babies, a family, and fit in running. It’s overwhelming. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Not when your days end at 3am and begin at 630 am. People keep telling me that it gets better. That’s not really helping me with this fall/winter race season is it? Sure sure, things will be better in 2018 but right now it sounds as good to me as someone saying that my infected leg will be “better” once they cut off the gangrene. Yeah ok that was extreme. I like my life right now actually (minus the back pain). I’m just bummed, majorly bummed, about this race season that’s slipping away. But I’m also too tired to care.

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