Long Runs And Detoxing: The Pitfalls

After going back and forth with my Clean Program Detox since June, I decided to get serious about the 21 detox now that work has slowed down. The problem is that, unlike in June, now I’m building up my mileage for a half marathon.

I don’t think I was even running much the last time I did the Clean Program 21 day detox. I just wanted to see if it would work for me and it did. I lost around 16 lbs and that’s with falling off the wagon a couple times. I suspect it would have been more like 18-20 lbs had I not cheated. But how is this going to work now that I’m running more? Well let me tell you how it worked today…. poorly.

I had a goal of 6.5 miles this morning. Also the plan was to start said run at 7am. That may have happened if I hadn’t been up til 1am doing school work. But I digress. So early morning run – fail. Mileage goal – fail. I ended up doing just 6 miles and at 1-2 min per mile slower than normal. And it was a perfect overcast day too! The days I live for down here. I even threw back a bunch of GU/shot blocks before and during the run (I don’t count those as cheating on my detox buuuut, yeah, they probably are). Nothing could get my body moving like it needed to run.

Now, I didn’t have breakfast before I ran. I didn’t have that morning detox shake. I tried to get down some matcha tea instead (bad idea, disgusting to me this morning for some reason……. I miss coffee). When that didn’t work I tried a cup of coconut milk (dumb – it doesn’t have any carbs!). When you only had one shake within the last 15 hours before a long run, I guess you should have known that it’s going to be a catastrophe. Around the 3.5 mile mark I hit a wall. But my stationed GU and water was 1 mile in the other direction. It was up and down after I got that GU pack in me.

So what do I do? I’m not stopping the detox because I need the weight off in order for the runs to be better. Even if the runs aren’t going to be better unless I eat more. Circular, very circular. And, strangely enough, I just found an article on runnersworld.com that asks the question about detoxing and running (horrible article, didn’t discuss ANY research on running on detox plan and then culminated with “talk to your doctor”). I’m going to make it my personal project to see whether this can happen or how to make minor changes to the detox diet to incorporate and perform these long runs without compromising on the detox weight loss benefits. Stay tuned!

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